(Interview) Stunt Coordinator Eddie Fernandez Shows No Fear in ‘The Beekeeper’

“The Beekeeper,” gets plenty of props for the stunts, especially since the film’s star, Jason Statham, gets his share of fight scenes. But what is life like for stunt coordinator Eddie Fernandez who makes it work? In a quick convo with Fernandez about this action-packed film, the Hollywood stuntman, who is also an accomplished actor, has been involved in 300 productions.

During our interview with Right On! Digital publisher  Cynthia Horner, we learn about his journey, what it was like working with megastar Jason Statham, how Fernandez gets in shape for the films, and whether or not he ever shows fear when asked to perform various stunts.

Courtesy Amazon/MGM


Eddie Fernandez in a scene from The Beekeeper