(Watch) Taja V. Simpson Weighs In On Acting, Books, ‘Lola 2’ & Beauty

She’s simply gorgeous and it was a pleasure to have a heart-to-heart convo with this talented actress who has graced the screen with her presence. Currently, she can be seen in “Lola 2,” where she shows off her fierceness. But before you watch her exclusive interview with Right On! Digital, here’s a little bit of info Taja that she shared with us:


Taja V. Simpson is a Louisiana native of West African and European decent and her colorful background allows her to constantly bring new characters to life. She fell in love with acting when she was seven years old when she and her cousins would ‘play pretend’.

Although she loved acting at a young age, there weren’t any programs or schools in Lake Charles, LA that would help cultivate that skill set. She went on to graduate from McNeese State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communication and an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. From there, she was on the path of being a News Reporter/Anchor.


Versatility is Taja’s greatest accomplishments which is what lead her to guest star in multiple roles on some of the most popular television shows of our time.  Taja was widely known for her role as the fun and sassy wife opposite legendary Actor and Director Tyler Perry; in Lionsgate’s “Tyler Perry’s Boo2! A Madea Halloween,” and can be seen as Priscilla Owen in Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.”

Taja is also a film director with over 40 plus productions under her belt from stage plays to music videos and short films.

She can be seen in Christopher Nolan’s “My Online Valentine” on Amazon where she leads this film down the dating woes in this hilarious Romantic Comedy. Next up, a Christmas film, “London Mitchell’s Christmas” slated for December 2019 along with 3 additional films in the pipeline. You can also see her in other films on Netflix, Amazon & iTunes, including “Lola 2″ on https://allblk.tv/search/Lola%202/.

In her  book,”Cracking The Acting Code: A Practical Step By Step Guide To Becoming A Professional Actor”, Taja shares her unique story and expertise from moving from a small town in Louisiana, making it on the big screen in Hollywood, and becoming one of the most trusted names in the entertainment business.

Lola 2 credit: Allblk


 If  you haven’t had a chance to watch “Lola 2,” here’s a synopsis: Lola’s world is turned upside down when a fun night out with friends goes horribly wrong. When Lola is forced to fight off a sexual predator, she fights back with everything to lose.


Cast: Taja V. Simpson, Ashlee Evans-Smith, Nakia Dillard, Kazy Tauginas

Director: Antoine Allen