Hats Off To Beyonce!

Blavity recently broke the story about an amazing  glittery hat that appears on Beyonce’s poster for her Renaissance Tour. Hat designer Abby Misbin has been going hard on social media and her own social account (Twitter @abbypilled) after being contacted by one of  Queen Bey’s stylists, Beyoncé’s stylists Hollywood-based costume designer, B. Åkerlund,  back in June.  Apparently,  Misbin has been selling cowboy hats on Etsy for a couple of years.

At first, Misbin was working out of her parents’ Pennsylvania basement, but with her newfound success, she’s probably looking for more space. We hear that she makes each hat herself, and doesn’t mind putting in the work.

See more details and cute pix of the hat (Twitter @abbypilled). So if you were lucky enough to get tix for a show, you can show up in style by ordering that same hat. It retails for about $350.