(Watch) Jade and Camara Mathis Discuss ‘Mathis Family Matters’

Camara Mathis-Webb and Jade Mathis talk with the wide-reaching national multicultural outlet, Right On! Digital.
Although Camara and Jade remained off camera, both ladies had a heartwarming time discussing their journey working together with their family, their personal perspectives as Black women as well as their journey as daughters of a preeminent Black figure.


Some topics that were discussed included:
  • What is your favorite part of being a part of Mathis Family Matters?
    • Jade said, “Our family is very relatable and we are all going through real issues, so it’s amazing to have a platform to showcase a healthy family dynamic, especially in Black and brown communities.”
  • What are the takeaways viewers will get from Mathis Family Matters?
    • Jade said, “No one is perfect. People have a certain image in their head of certain people. At the end of the day we’re all human and we’re all taking this life journey together.”
    • Camara said, “ I just want working moms to watch the show and relate to me and realize that the social media life portrayed isn’t perfect. I try to make sure moms understand things will not be perfect and balanced all the time. There are ups and downs and please remember that you’re not alone. ”
  • Can you share a bit more about your father?
    • Jade shared, “Growing up, my father was always in the legal field. As children, we’ve never thought too much about his position until he got on television and people began to mention more to us related to our dad. I’ve always looked at him as dad first and Judge Mathis next
  • If you could describe your dad in one word what would it be
    • Jade said, “Colorful.”
  • Tell me how it felt for Mathis Family Matters to be greenlight
    • Camara, “It was very scary for us. I work in the entertainment industry and didn’t expect this opportunity to be placed. We truly appreciate that the story brings more intelligence and love out into the world.”