(No She Didn’t!) RHOA’s Kenya Comes Clean About Marlo Hampton




Whoa! On an episode of Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap,” Kenya Moore breaks down all the drama ensuing on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season. It gets juicy! She covers a variety of topics in her heart-to-heart convo:




Kenya Moore Says Marlo Hampton Is Desperate & Toxic On ‘RHOA’

The reality queen calls out her castmate Marlo Hampton for their feud, admitting, “I see too much evil and desperation.”


Kenya’s Take On Marlo’s Drama


“That’s not the kind of drama we want though. It’s artificial and manufactured. I think what makes a housewife great and keeps her position is when she is being honest and authentic. That’s the opposite of what Marlo is doing now. She has even been quoted, ‘Oh, I’m just keeping people’s peaches juicy and I’m making them work.’ So that tells you already that she is just manufacturing drama and that’s just not what our show is about. That’s when the show is not doing well is when people are producing themselves and producing drama.”


Moore tells so much more about Marlo. Peep our excerpts of the juicy convo and click on the link to watch it first-hand!


Is There Potential To Make Peace With Marlo


“I’ve made peace with God. I don’t need to make peace with her [Marlo].”


Why She Can’t Be Friends With Someone Toxic Like Marlo Going Forward


“I feel like there’s nothing there that I want to know and I think the way the season played out, she really again hit below the belt. To the point where, it just like I see too much evil and too much desperation and things I don’t think that are valuable in a person or certainly in a friendship. It’s too toxic. I’ve learned from my previous relationships that when it’s toxic, when someone is gaslighting you, as you’ve seen her do many times on the show. You start something and someone means well by communicating with you and then you turn it around like they’ve done something wrong to you. You’ve seen 100 times. So you watch what a person does and not what they say. When I take it all in, this person isn’t really my friend and they don’t mean me well and for those reasons, it’s a no.”


On Money Being Driving Factor For People’s Actions


“Either a person gets it or they don’t but clearly money rules most people. In this scenario, money is the key factor here. When you’re a housewife, it comes with a housewife check. It’s not a friend check. So when you’re desperate for money and you’re desperate for attention and validation, you make scenes and you make what you think is TV and it just doesn’t work.”