Poppin’ Products: New Snacks & Beverages For You To Try


What’s in your kitchen? Why not try out one of the new products that made Right On! Digital’s list? Be adventurous and be satisfied!



Meet Shaunese Alexander and her four children — Destiny, Trinity, Serenity, and Joshua — the founders of Popcorn Munchies, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned gourmet popcorn brands in the country. Their Maryland-based company’s most popular specialty is their caramelized pecan flavor.

How they started out

It all started when the kids, especially Joshua, realized that they loved eating popcorn while watching movies at home. Their mom eventually decided to purchase a popcorn machine so that they could make popcorn similar to how it’s done in movie theaters. Shortly after, they were experimenting with recipes and landed on the best one, caramel. “It was so good,” Shaunese says, “that we decided to share it with neighbors, friends, and family. They loved it so much that we began receiving more and more requests to make it.”

When the pandemic began, the kids say they had no other choice but to stay home and be bored. But Shaunese did not let their valuable time go to waste. She encouraged them to perfect the craft, learn the entire process from start to finish, and start their very own gourmet popcorn business. Not long after, Popcorn Munchies was born!

Running a family business

When their business officially launched, they quickly began fulfilling nationwide orders via shipping and also making personal deliveries to local customers who happen to live nearby. So far, the business has been an overnight success with continuous orders.

For the children, it has especially been a blessing to work with their mom and also to see their hard work pay off doing something they love. And no doubt, the business lessons they are learning will turn them all into future entrepreneurs on a bigger level when they get older.

For more details and/or to support their business, visit PopcornMunchies4.com



Credit: Ten Water


TEN Alkaline Spring Water: They are a top rated independent brand and in the news they recently released their water in 12oz aluminum cans to major retail/grocers across the country. They are the first alkaline water brand to do this (reduces plastic footprint/waste), and they are also very popular because their water is 10ph, which is higher than most competitors.

Credit: Hijinx

Hijinx Ice Cream: An elevated ice cream experience! An ice cream mix you can use to create your own flavor of ice cream. Throw any ingredient in a blender — Campfire S’mores, Pinot Noir, Coconut Curry — add the Hijinx packet, milk, freeze, and enjoy. Yum!


Credit: ADF Big Sauces

African Dream Foods: A new line of 12 hot sauces, salts and spices that is quickly growing in popularity. In the news, they also locked a deal with Walmart and are also now available via Amazon Prime. All ADF products made in South Africa and partial proceeds go towards wildlife conservation in the region. Many of the flavors are not as common in the US, and early reviews have raved about how incredible these sauces are. 

Delores Morris has a sweet company. Credit:The One By Dee


 Delores Morris is the  founder and CEO of The One by Dee, a custom cake and dessert company based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Formerly called Dee’s Delightful Desserts, the company has changed its name and is also now focusing on its luxury wedding cake and specialty milestone cake division.

Since opening in 2003, Delores (also known as Dee The Cake Lady) has baked over 20,000 desserts in the Little Rock area for a wide range of occasions including Sunday desserts, birthday and themed cakes, as well as higher-end and more detailed wedding cakes.

The One by Dee offers a premier wedding cake experience from the initial consultation to the last bite. Customers can choose from a one-hour private one-on-one consultation, a tasting session, or attend a complimentary Elite Cake experience available by invitation only.

The Elite Cake experience is a monthly opportunity offered to help couples taste an array of flavors, sip champagne and enjoy wedding vendors with other excited couples. Newly engaged couples and couples planning a vow renewal ceremony are encouraged to attend.

“My passion is realizing that ONE smile at a time, I can make a difference… I take immense pride in happy faces, full stomachs, and memories that are cherished. I am truly one of the few who actually combined art, business, and science in fulfilling the dreams of the everyday people who seek my culinary services in making their birthdays, weddings, parties, and social events… SPECIAL!” said Morris.

Following the expansion of the luxury wedding cake designs, her company is also planning to branch out into baking education, baking business building, and real estate by way of offering commercial kitchen space, office space, and event venues to foster the business development of cooks, caterers, and bakers in underserved areas of Arkansas.

For more information, visit TheOneByDee.com.