(Watch) Indy Love! Method Man On Power Book II, ‘Cash Cow’ Tariq, MJB, Redman & Right On!

When die-hard “Power” fans learned that I had an interview scheduled with Cliff “Method Man” Smith, I was the subject of envy. Not only do Wu-Tang fans admire his 30-year journey as a member of one of the biggest franchises in music but they also admire his staying power and his ability to continue reinventing himself.  A few fans even jokingly asked to come along for a Meth “meet up” and were a bit disappointed that he was going to be “Zooming” in, but the interview is worthy of leisure replay here.

Cooper Saxe  (Shane Johnson) and Davis MacLean  (Method Man) are up to something! Credit: Starz



It is an honor to reconnect with Method Man, an actor, producer and Grammy-award winning artist who even won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series for his role as Davis MacLean.  Attorney MacLean may not be the cleanest, honest attorney on TV, but he is certainly memorable and a complete foil for his client, “cash cow” Tariq St. Patrick.  Like the spirit of Christmas, Tariq is the gift that keeps on giving.


Everybody loves his character. Credit: Starz

Method Man, who is no stranger to the acting world, recently began hosting a new podcast, “Marvel/Method” for Marvel and Sirius XM.  So, in each episode, he gets an opportunity to do what I do and asks guests the hard questions.  During our interview, Method Man closes with questions of his own.  What did he ask me and what did he say?  Find out when he dives in after getting on the line and mentioning that not only is he from Indianapolis (like me) but he also used to buy Right On! to check out a certain group.