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Looking for reads that will entertain, inspire or uplift your spirits? Check out Right On!’s must-haves for your book collection. 

I’m Dreaming Of A Brown Christmas by Steven Gray, Vernon Gibbs)/Cuzzos Media and Publishing


“I’m Dreaming of a Brown Christmas” is a full color picture book and poem inspired by the lyrics of the classic Christmas song “White Christmas”, but as imagined through the eyes of a young African-American child living in the city. 



Written and illustrated by cousins Steven T. Gray (from the  90s R&B vocal group 4 By Four)  and Vernon D. Gibbs II, the words and images celebrate many of the wonderful brown things we all enjoy at Christmastime like fresh-baked cookies, warm cups of hot chocolate, and a golden brown turkey hot from the oven. But most importantly, this book celebrates the many shades of brown skin the young child sees on the faces of his family and friends.

Daddy Has Cancer by  Sharon Coggins and Fabian Amin Williams/Journey with Jo Publishing

38-year-old Fabian Williams lost his battle with rectal cancer leaving behind his grieving family and four-year-old son. Half a decade later, a 21-year veteran teacher, Sharon Coggins, and their now ten-year-old son Fabian Amin, transformed their grief into a children’s book, “Daddy Has Cancer,” to spark healing conversations about mental health, cancer, and losing a loved one. In their first book together, this mother-son duo imparts their harrowing experience of a little boy witnessing his dad’s long battle and devastating ending with Cancer.  

Will by Mark Manson/Random House

Irreverent Will Smith has no filter when he talks about his journey from West Philadelphia to Hollywood.  The rapper/actor goes into juicy detail about his life as a teen, to his two marriages and his take on life in general. Many of the nuggets are so shocking that it’s almost like it’s fiction…but it’s not!

NOT ALL DIAMONDS AND ROSE: The Inside Story Of The Real Housewives From The People Who Lived It by Dave Quinn/Andy Cohen Books


Author Dave Quinn has written an addictive read based on hundreds of exclusive interviews with the Housewives from the Bravo franchise. To spice it up and add to the drama, he even includes juicy details from some of the reality show stars’ friends and colleagues. And yes, he talks about rivalries and numerous naughty little secrets. No-holds-barred. Some stories and hilarious, and others are pretty shocking. You’ll have a good time as you peruse the pages and learn a little bit more about the Housewives you’ve grown to love.



THE WORDS I DIDN’T SAY by Tamika Newhouse/Delphine Publications

Author Tamika Newhouse has romance down pat, and she puts her unique stamp on this fictional tale about a couple who finds love. She explores the theme, “How do you mend a broken heart?” The book centers around successful record producer Denim is charming and different. Janet intends to explore this relationship even though Denim has been a womanizer. Will she be able to turn him into a one-man woman? She’s willing to take the risk–we think! 



BLACK GIRLS MUST DIE EXHAUSTED by Jayne Allen/Harper Perennial

This cutting-edge, enjoyable novel “explores modern womanhood, in which a young Black woman must rely on courage, laughter, and love—and the support of her two-long-time friends—to overcome an unexpected setback that turns her entire world upside down.” The characters will become your best sister-friends.



LIFE, I SWEAR by Chloe Dulce Louvouezo/Harper Design

The author’s illustrated essay collection is inspired by her podcast, Life I Swear, where many prominent Black women reflect on such topics as self-love and healing. Readers will relate and find solace as the struggles of one woman are the struggles of all.

BLACK ROSES by Harold Green III/Harper Design

Renowned poet Harold Green III went viral on social media for his poems on such prominent women as Ava DuVernay, Janelle Monae, Issa Rae, Kamala Harris, Lizzo, Misty Copeland, Robin Roberts, Roxane Gay, and Simone Biles. Celebrating the accomplishments of these wonderful women who have uplifted him has been a labor of love. The book is beautifully illustrated, too.