Cape Town Space Society Students Receive VIP Tour

Prof Hildreth (Hal) Walker Jr., the first person to successfully fire the Laser to the Moon during the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in 1969, and international educational innovator Dr. Bettye Walker of Cape Town Space Society (CTSS), Board members/Founders of A-MAN, Inc. STEM International  and three  outstanding student achievers, Chantal, Dene and Skylar, were treated to a VIP Tour of Virgin Galactic!

The tour was hosted by former Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides.  Whitesides conducted a VIP tour for the group which included CTSS Board members Donovan and Nicole Martin. The high school STEM achievers competed to exhibit their VASIMR Engine at the International Space Development Conference held in Los Angeles.  These students who are also members of Rotary Interact Clubs are still excited to have visited Virgin Galactic before they achieved a historic milestone in space development as the start-up of space tourism moves forward.

“We used to tell STEM students that the sky is the limit but now it is Off World,” said Prof. Hal and Dr. Bettye Walker.