‘The Unicorn’ Star Omar Miller: ‘I Always Wanted To See People Like Me On TV’



Audiences have seen Omar Miller in countless films and TV programs, but now, the affable actor is one of the stars of the CBS TV series, “The Unicorn.” The hit series centers around a tight-knit group of friends and family who help Wade (Walton Goggins) get over the passing of his wife.  Miller plays, Ben, a good friend and a soccer coach.


Q:  This is the second season of “The Unicorn.” What has the journey been like for you?

A: I describe it as very important because we deal with loss and grief, but through comedy. We have hero who has a hard time picking up the pieces of his life and he’s raising two daughters alone. There’s two other couples who help him get his life back together. You learn about all sorts of relevant  topics. Whatever loss you’re going through, we try to show you a positive way of dealing with loss and I’m proud of being on the show.

Q:  I want to congratulate you on your achievements. You get a lot of work. What’s the Omar Miller secret to success?

A: I have been the beneficiary of some real blessings and great timing There are a lot of people with great talent who are having a hard time sustaining.  Over the years I have run into people who appreciate my work and style of working and those people have been successful and have kept using me. There was a time where I worked almost exclusively for (producer) Jerry Bruckheimer for about five years. And other projects I have done have been well received. It’s been a crazy ride. Thank you for recognizing me.

Q: You’ve been in a lot of projects that require you to be in shape. What do you do to take care of yourself?

A: I could be in better shape, but I have stamina. For instance, I had to do interviews on East Coast time before I go to work for 14 hours, so you have to  have stamina for that.  I do a combination of weight lifting and light cardio. I actually  lift weights at least two times a week and it pushes my body and gives me  stamina I need to be able to maintain  long hours on set. I try to get as much sleep as possible and drink as little alcohol as possible. And I like to eat fresh food. For instance,  I bought a cow and had it slaughtered so we were eating fresh, organic meat. We  knew where it came from. I’m big on fresh and live food. We have collard greens in our yard as well as  fruit trees. If you know where food is coming from, there’s no funny business. I’m big about that. You want to eat as much live food as possible. You can taste the difference!


Q: You’ve had an amazing career and have been in so many projects, from “Miracle At St. Anna,” “Blood Done Sign My Name,” “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,” “8 Mile,” “Transformers” and then TV series like “CSI: Miami” and “Ballers.” Right  now it’s Omar’s time. How does it feel to be an actor that so many people look up to?

Omar Benson Miller portrays Ben on “The Unicorn.” Credit: CBS Studios




A: For me, growing up I always wanted to see people who looked like me on TV. I grew up  watching shows like “Good Times,” and saw it aspirational, so for me, that was a key part of my childhood. So when I got in the business I wanted  to play dynamic characters and it lead to me choosing the characters that I played. When I go around the world, people recognize me and they are trusting me to represent something they don’t have a connection with. There are some roles that are not for me to do. There’s a place for them, but not for me, per se. I take this  seriously.  You have to keep your integrity so that you can be who you are supposed to be and be proud of that. No one’s making you do something you don’t want to do. Now, you also have to be willing to walk away at times and say no, which some people are not willing to do because they’ve got bills to pay, people to take care of. That’s something that’s real. But that’s on you…what parts are important.


Q: People always  recognize actors, so being a role models is important. A lot of celebrities are not willing to be models. What do you think?

A: You have to recognize that it’s give and take. You can’t resolve it by avoiding it or because you don’t want it to be that way. I have to deal with the reality and  that is, you have a responsibility to own up to it.

Q: Do you remember Right On! from back in the day?

A: Absolutely!  I’m glad that you are still rocking and rolling!

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