Meet London James Boyce: The Wonder Girl With The Curly Hair

Our new curl friend London James Boyce is simply amazing. The young actress/model/author/entrepreneur has landed opportunities rarely offered to ladies five times her age. But the Texas resident, born with intelligence,  perseverance and sparkling personality, slays casting agents and everyone else that she meets!
Currently seen as Janelle Monae’s daughter in Lionsgate’s supernatural thriller, “Antebellum,” the elementary school student also boasts such accomplishments as appearing on the packaging of Blue Bell Ice Cream frozen treats and has been touted as one of the youngest African -American authors with the debut of “Wonder London–I Hate My Curly Hair.”  London and her older brother actor/comedian TJ Boyce have an ice cream truck business, which is bringing more flava into the family’s enterprises.
Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner caught up with wonderful London for a quick convo about her busy life.
Right On! Digital:  You are amazing.  I think that it’s awesome that you love your natural curly hair and wrote a book about it.
London James Boyce: Thank you!  My book is about how I learned to love my hair.   I now have other girls and we have a group called Curly Wonder Girls.
Right On! Digital: We understand that it’s called  The Curly Girl Movement, which is a movement created to give young girls, such as yourself a platform to embrace their natural curls, and love their natural look no matter what. That’s so nice!
London: We like our hair!

Right On! Digital: Now tell us, what did you like the best about portraying a character in “Antebellum?”

London:  Janelle Monae was the best movie mom!  And I got to jump on the bed in the movie. Did you see me?

Right On! Digital: Yes, and we show a clip below so that everyone else can see you, too.  Did you like jumping on the bed?

London:  I had to do it over and over. It was fun, but I had to keep doing it, so it made my body tired.

Right On! Digital: Do you like acting?

London: Yep!



Now she loves her curly hair! Credit: LondonJamesBoyce.com


Right On! Digital: How old are you?

London: I’m seven years old.

Right On! Digital: What do you like to do when you’re not working?

London: I like to play games when I have my free time. I also like gymnastics and ballet.

Right On! Digital: How do you like to wear your hair and what kind of clothes do you like to wear?

London: I like to have  my hair to look cute. And I  like to wear a lot of different clothes; some  say Black  Lives Matter.

Right On! Digital: We interviewed your brother TJ. Tell us one funny thing about him.

London: A funny thing about my brother? I know a lot of things, but he makes funny characters on YouTube.