(New Music) Iconic Producers Calloway Release “Politics”



The multi-platinum production/recording artist team Calloway just released the song “Politics,”  which is  available for immediate purchase.  According to Reggie Calloway, “This is one of the most important songs of our careers, at a time of one of the most important elections. Yes, we have won the right to vote. Now we must exercise that power to vote for the ideals that we hold dear, that lead us closer to the best America. We need to vote for a government ‘of the people, by the people, for all the people,'” he commented. 

His brother Vincent added, “Please vote, but don’t just vote yourself. Help someone else to vote by helping them understand the process or even taking them to the polls. It is important that this election includes as many people as possible.”


Register to vote and learn more at: https://www.headcount.org

Editor’s Note: The Calloway brothers first came to public attention through Right On! Magazine as they were the founders of the Solar Records group Midnight Star. They are responsible for hit records for Midnight Star, Klymaxx, Levert, the late Natalie Cole as well as for themselves on Epic Records.