Jay-Z And Roc Nation Demand Justice For Ahmaud Arbery

There will be justice for Ahmaud Arbery, if Jay-Z and Team Roc Nation have their way.  The famous mogul and some of the artists who are part of the illustrious company, have been vocal about the horrific case where a young Black man was shot to death while out jogging in Georgia last February.

The shooting, allegedly committed by Gregory and Travis McMichael, is being viewed as a hate crime and has reached international attention in recent months.

In a letter penned to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, the State Attorney General Chris Carr and the current prosecutor, Tom Durden, district attorney of the Atlantic Judicial Circuit, Team Roc Nation addressed their concerns.

Ahmaud Arbery


“As a society, we can no longer pretend that the racial inequalities, which exist in every facet of our lives, don’t invariably lead down the path to poverty, violence and death. To even think about breaking this cycle we need you to protect the process and preserve the fairness of the trial. And if you take these necessary actions, you will send a message to the people that want to drag Georgia back to a time when African-Americans were killed for merely voting: hate and fear will lose.

 “Ahmaud was a loving son, a brother and a positive role model in the community. He was a human being. He was also African-American which, sadly, means that he was a target. Still. And, on this Mother’s Day (May 10, 2020) — just two days after what would have been Ahmaud’s 26th birthday — we simply cannot and will not stand for another black mother who must spend the day mourning the loss of her black son because of the color of his skin.”


In addition to voicing their disappointment, Team Roc Nation had a list of demands which include the following:

*Calling for Durden to recuse himself from the case

*Calling for William Bryan, the neighbor of the McMichaels who are the alleged shooters, to be charged as an armed accomplice

The letter was signed by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, Alicia Keys, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill in addition to two attorneys.