Kranium Shows His Adoration For All Shades Of Chocolate

Dancehall sensation Kranium  recently released a crowd pleaser from his new album, Midnight Sparks. His latest single, “Complexion,” was penned to showcase his love for women of color who come in various hues of the spectrum.

The romantic single warms the hearts of women, who too often, have been made to feel a certain way, based on cruel, unthinking people who are hung up on outdated perceptions of beauty.

In lyrics from the single, Kranium’s sultry voice is heard expressing his deep love for women. Moreover, through the lyrical content of the song he encourages women to embrace their natural beauty.

 “God first gift when he created man/You have the strength of a black man/Standing by my shoulder/Fight day and night like a soldier/Look good in what you have on (oh baby)/Natural from di you born (all natural) Afro hair straight up (oh baby)/Beautiful without make-up (all-natural).”

Courtesy: Playbooking Mg


Through the lyrical content of the song he encourages women to embrace their natural beauty.

In an exclusive interview with this global superstar,  who has worked with many popular artists, including Ty Dolla $ign, Ed Sheeran, Lil Kim, Bebe Rexha and Major Lazer, the Jamaican-born, New York City-raised artist got together with Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner for an exclusive chat.

Q: You are amazingly talented.  Where did you first begin your love affair with music?

KRANIUM: I started off singing in the church, but when I got older my interests changed.  I was originally influenced by Sam Cooke.  I also liked Dennis Browne.


Q:  Since you have a new love song out, what’s your status?

KRANIUM: Ladies, I am singlish but I don’t have any particular women that I like. If I like someone, I like them.  That’s a good question. (LOL)


Q: You have a lot of great videos.  Who comes up with the concepts?

KRANIUM: My team and I come up with the concepts and I enjoy wearing a lot of different outfits.

Q: You have gotten some very positive feedback in this new project.  You haven’t had anything new for a minute.

KRANIUM: This new album shows that I have matured and grown as an artist. When I started out I just reached out to artists who I thought would fit with the songs

Q: Would you say that you are more known overseas?

KRANIUM: I’m more known internationally and as a result I  have been to Africa, Caribbean and Australia.

Q:  As an artist who was raised singing in the church, do you feel compelled to carry yourself a certain way?

KRANIUM: Yes. I’m careful about what I do. For example,  my grandmother, who lives in Jamaica, has never seen my tattoos because I covered them up.

Q: Are there any artists that you’d like to work with?

KRANIUM: I’d like to work with Rihanna.  I worked with Usher before and that was amazing experience.


Q: You’re fit and wear clothes well.  Are you careful about your diet?

KRANIUM: I used to love oxtails but I stopped eating meat. I like to eat ackee and saltfish. That’s a favorite of mine.

Q: What social media platform do you like to use?

KRANIUM: I like Instagram and use it for everything, I just don’t like some of the comments that people make. They feel they’re entitled to do that.

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Complexion is currently available on all streaming platforms. Listen hereComplexion