Right On! Alum Tiffany Evans Is Baack!

Where do you go after you’ve been a contestant on a televised talent competition like Star Search?  You aim higher!  Right On! alum Tiffany Evans has done a lot of big things over the years but she took a short break and is baack with new music.
“I recently released ‘Merry Go Round’ and it is about the cycle we sometimes go through when dealing with an ex or someone we love.”

Prior to releasing her current track, Evans, who has appeared in various films and television projects co-wrote “Like This” for season 3 of Fox’s hit show STAR. Evans took time out to reconnect with Right On! Digital’s CEO Cynthia Horner about her new project and what it was like becoming popular through the iconic Right On! Magazine.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: It’s been ages since you first appeared in Right On! Magazine, which is now a digital platform as well. Can you remember those days and what it was like appearing in a young adult magazine, filled with lots of positive news and pin-ups?


TIFFANY EVANS: Haha! It was the thing every new artist wanted to be a part of. For our generation, it was like what social media is for us today. The latest scoops, who’s next up in entertainment, fashion and so forth. It made me feel super cool.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Can you remember your Star Search days? What was it doing so well as such an early age?


TIFFANY EVANS: I just remember everything being a whirlwind. To be truthful, when you’re that young, everything moves so fast that you barely get to grasp the moment of what’s going on around you. I reflect on that time often and think to myself, “Wow, I can’t believe you did that!”


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Over the years, you have continued to put out music here and there. How would you say the business has changed?


TIFFANY EVANS: For a time, I would be hesitant to put music out because I felt like I was still finding myself and the sound I wanted to go with, so I would only put music out occasionally. However, I understand nowadays the demand for music in the business is overwhelming and you can’t take too long to drop music or be inconsistent because everybody just wants everything right away.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What is the musical direction that you are going in these days and whose music do you enjoy listening to?


TIFFANY EVANS: I’m an R&B chick and will always be. To me there’s nothing like it. I can do any kind of music and more often than not I love to experiment with different sounds. This time around for me it’s about R&B and bringing R&B stories to life with my voice, dance and visuals. Lately, I’ve been listening to Doja Cat (I think she’s really, really dope), Lucky Daye, Drake, I love PartyNextDoor’s new song “Loyal” — and even though this is more hip hop than R&B, I love “Pop Off” by Skooly!


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What advice would you give some of the younger artists who are interested in having a recording contract?

TIFFANY EVANS: I would say to take advantage of the new era of entertainment we’re in. Aim to have ownership over your creativity because being an independent artist and becoming successful is very possible in this climate of streaming and social media. And if you’d like a contract anyway, don’t just take anything. Build your leverage and make sure you’re vocal about what you can bring to the table and what you’re looking for that’s suitable for you.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Since you are having a comeback, what do you plan to do differently this time?


TIFFANY EVANS: I plan to just be confident in the sounds I’m producing and visions I have in my head for myself. I never truly believed in a lot of things I was doing back then and at one point I felt as if I lost my passion. I’m back and I’m better. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and putting in the work. I’m also ready to perform a lot! I have an explosive energy when I’m on stage and I would love for people to experience that.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: How did you spend your time during your absence from your fans in the past two years or so?


TIFFANY EVANS: I did a lot of soul searching and getting my mind right. Lots of prayer. It was very challenging and painful at times but I arrived at the point of understanding that my trials are all for my growth and encouragement of others who may be going through the same things. Even when I wasn’t actively putting out music, I didn’t necessarily stop working. I co-wrote a song for STAR on Fox (“Like This”). I collaborated with T-Pain on his song “Textin My Ex” and Phora “When It’s Over.”

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What are some of your beauty and style secrets?


TIFFANY EVANS: Oh, I don’t have a special regimen. I love CeraVe facial wash and Moisturizer. Fruits, vegetables and water. Lots of Victoria’s Secret’s body mists and lotions. I have a sexy, laid-back tomboy style, so I believe in not doing too much only for certain occasions.