‘Power’ Is Going Out With A Bang: #WhoshotGhost?

Credit: Starz



Starz released teaser art and trailer for the final five episodes of “Power,” that will premiere on Sunday, January 5th, 2020 at 8PM ET/PT on STARZ. We learned during the mid-season finale that James “Ghost” St. Patrick was  shot by an unknown assailant and possibly DIED! The identity of “Who Shot Ghost?” will be revealed as the final five episodes of the extended 15-episode season brings the series to an end.



Friends ’til the end?
Credit: Starz



1. TASHA ST. PATRICK The ex is always a suspect, especially after the way Ghost has destroyed her love life on two occasions and has botched up her business plans.  And once he put his hands on her and Tariq, it was on!

2. TARIQ ST. PATRICK Unfortunately, this kid really hates his mogul pop. Why? Because he won’t let him do what he wants: hang out with thugs, criminals and lowlifes and replace his father as the biggest drug dealer in NYC. Tariq dislikes the way his mom has been treated, for now, anyway.

3. TOMMY EAGEN This street brother-for-life feels that Ghost always gets everything and that he loses out every time.  (He forgets the fact that he killed Ghost’s girlfriend Angela.)

4. COUNCILMAN TATE He used James/Ghost St. Patrick for his money and connections, but now that Tate’s political aspirations are going up in flames, he desires revenge.

5. COOPER SAXE Thanks to St. Patrick, he’s lost his credibility and his job.  He’s fed up with the bad guys finishing first.

6. DRE At one point Dre and Ghost got along, but Dre can’t be trusted.  He sells out his rivals in each episode, but then again, so does Ghost. He’s tired of Ghost framing him, so there’s only one solution…

7. PAZ Her sister Angela was murdered and she wants revenge. James/Jamie/Ghost has been useless, and the frustration may have gotten the best of her.