(Beauty Feature) XOXO Virgin Hair: A Brand That Turns Celebrities’ Heads

These days, there are soo many  hair extension companies to choose from and it can be difficult trying to figure out the best brand to buy from. So many focus on the latest trends, but very few are investing in quality extensions and educating their clientele on the do’s and don’ts. Stephanie Nolan is an extroverted beauty advocate and hair extensions connoisseur. She created XOXO Virgin Hair to change the way hair extension enthusiasts experience, understand and recognize quality by offering high performing hair extensions.



Credit: XOXO Virgin Hair


XOXO Virgin Hair has been seen on celebrities such as Normani at the 2019 VMA’s,  Solange, Chewing Gum’s Michaela Coel, Jordyn Woods, Lizzo, influencer Jackie Aina and others. What is so special about this brand?  In an exclusive interview with Stephanie Nolan, she gives her insight on her company and why it’s turning heads.


Q: What are some of your thoughts about the burgeoning hair extensions business? Quality hair is difficult to find but yet everyone wants and deserves to have good hair.

A: There’s a lot of distrust so we have to try harder to say, “hey, we’re the real deal.” It takes a lot more persuasion for people to trust the brand.  I come from the modeling industry and learned that a lot of hairstylists have difficulty with hair extensions in terms of the performance, the curling of it, washing  of it, etc. I have had one experience where I washed my hair  and it completely matted and I couldn’t use it any longer. So I started my company  in  2013 on  integrity and honest marketing as that is so important. I believe that people deserve the truth . We take care of the customer. I sell high-performing hair. If a celebrity hairstylist has a 5 am call-time the last thing they want to deal with is hair that will not perform in a way they want it to in the limited amount of time they have to get the client ready. I have been a really great asset to celebrity hairstylists as it makes it easier for them to do their job and have a happy client.

Q: Can you give us some insight on how XOXO Virgin Hair has emerged on the forefront?


A: I have one celebrity hairstylist I’ve worked with, Kendall Dorsey, who does Solange’s hair and she loved the wig  so much she wanted to take the wig home. Recently Normani wore one of our wigs at the VMA’s. She was amazing on stage, she put the wig through some stuff and the wig kept right up with her! (See video below). But I work with the everyday woman who doesn’t want to fuss with her hair;  she needs to get out the door.


Q: Once people found out about Solange and other celebrities using your hair,  what impact has that had on your business?

A: Initially people were shocked, and surprised.  In a sense some people  began to trust the brand a little more. But on the other hand, some potential customers might assume there’s an endorsement and it may not be as good.


Q: By the way, you are an awesome model. What are some of the campaigns  that. you worked on?

A: Luster Products, Adidas and I  worked with Missy Elliott twice, once in NY and LA. Missy was so amazing. That was an experience I won’t forget.


Q: Do you plan to diversify in the near future?

A: I want to stick with what I’m doing right now because it’s been working.

Q:  Do you have any parting words?

A:  I was a big  Michael Jackson fan, so doing this interview for Right On! is a humbling experience for me.

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