Shop On: Cop A Def Jam Varsity Jacket

It’s throwback time. Def Jam’s best marketing tool, The Def Jam Varsity Jacket, once exclusively worn by the label’s artists, tastemakers and journalists, including Right On!’s Cynthia Horner, has made a comeback.  Cop yours at KITH, the company that is releasing a collaborative collection celebrating the history and legacy of the label.

According to insiders,  Rick Rubin, co-founder of the label, came up with the idea to offer  a   Def Jam jacket to a select few artists and VIP’s.  Most labels utilized   sporty wearing apparel as a marketing tool, but the Def Jam jacket quickly became one of the most sought-after jackets in history.

As the jacket’s popularity exploded, so did the consumer’s desire to cop one—by any means necessary.  As a result, many of the jacket’s original owners wound losing them. So in honor of the label’s 35th anniversary, the jacket is now available to all.