(Challenge) Legendary Artist Grandmaster Caz Invites Fans To #PassTheeMic

Wahida Clark Publishing, one of the nation’s largest Black-owned independent book publishers, and Hip Hop Pioneer Grandmaster Caz announced that the Mic is open for the Caz Challenge. Rappers, lyricists and ordinary Hip Hop fans will recite Lyrics and Rhymes in the Pass Thee Mic Challenge to celebrate the publication of “Written!” Lyrics And Rhymes Penned and Read by Grandmaster Caz.

According to Wahida Clark, publisher of Grandmaster Caz’s new book, “Pass Thee Mic serves as an innovative way to spread the word to the community about this awesomely new audiobook and to celebrate HipHop and lyricism.”  #PassTheeMic just kicked off with Caz passing the mic to JDL, Melle Mel, Peter Gunz and Wahida Clark, the Official Queen of Street Lit, who will in turn pass thee Mic to Roxanne Shante, Aisha Hall, Nuance Art and Ibb Matic.

Caz expresses his enthusiasm about his challenge in a statement. “I’ve been recognized as one of the cornerstones and innovators of Hip Hop and Rap music since 1974. Although some new and young artists may not be familiar with my name, HipHop heads who know their history know of my influence. From Run DMC to KRS1 to Rakim to Will Smith to Big Daddy Kane to Wu-Tang, Snoop, Tupac, Biggie, Jay Z and Nas, and others have cited me as one of their top MC’s and have made declarations of it. The challenge will encourage Hip Hop fans to Pass Thee Mic, meaning recite your favorite rhymes or lyrics, then challenge 1 or 101 to Pass Thee Mic.”

The rules for Caz’s #Pass Thee Mic Challenge are as follows:

Record a 1:00 minute clip of yourself rapping lyrics to a HipHop song you know and love.  Post your clip with All videos must include Hashtags:







Credit: W Clark Publishing



Order link: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1130683879?ean=9781947732360