Michael Jackson: His Legacy Continues

Posted By Audrey J. Bernard

 Michael Jackson…Singer.  Songwriter.  Dancer.  Producer.  Philanthropist.  Entrepreneur.  Creative genius.  Global icon.  Artist. Civil rights advocate.  Social justice advocate.  Trailblazer.  Pioneering musician.

Pop culture experts describe him as exuding a sense of “otherness,” meaning that Michael’s attributes are so exceptional they place him in a category to which only he belongs.  He was able to strike the right blend and balance of all of his qualities to create something unique and phenomenal. 

 August 29, 2019 was Michael’s 61st birthday celebration, one year into his diamond decade. Let’s celebrate with a review of his Diamond achievements.  

Diamond Award Recipient 

The World Music Award awards their Chopard Diamond Award, more commonly known as the Diamond Award, to artists who have sold more than 100 million albums over the course of their careers. To date, there have only been four solo artists and two bands to be recipients of the prestigious Diamond Award. In 2006, Michael Jackson joined the elite group of Diamond Award recipients.


Right On! Digital’s CEO Cynthia Horner and MJJ Courtesy: Cynthia Horner Collection


“Diamonds Are Invincible”

In 2018, in celebration of Jackson’s Diamond birthday year, Mark Ronson produced a mega-mix compilation of some of Michael’s greatest hits titled, “Diamonds Are Invincible.”

Diamond Certified Artist

Every month, the Recording Industry Association of America certifies albums and singles that have earned exclusive status from significant sales and streams. Diamond certification is reserved for an album that has either sold or streamed more than 10 million copies.   In2017, Michael Jackson joined a short list of just 22 artists who have more than one Diamond album. He joined the Diamond club through the p phenomenal successes of Bad and Thriller, which is also the biggest selling album in worldwide history…

These are only a few of the numerous high-ranking accolades that throttled Michael into unceasing recognition and a stratosphere very few artists can hope to achieve.  Michael Jackson remains as unique and one-of-a-kind as a precious cut diamond.

 Editor’s Note:

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