Tech Trends: Busy? It’s Time To Delegate!

Everyone’s got too much to do these days and too little time to get everything done, whether it’s work or school.  To meet the needs of those of us who just can’t sweat the small stuff, a new app, Delegate, has joined the market and influencers and celebrities have started buzzing about it. Delegate is a Boston-based technology company that offers an unlimited “Chief of Stuff” service: a one-stop-shop for all of your personal tasks. Back in 2017,  co-founders – Ohad Elhelo and Ori Cohen wondered how personal tasks could be worked into their busy work schedules. As a result, Delegate was created.
Right On! Digital took time to try out the app and this is what we’ve learned: The monthly fee is affordable (see their website for pricing) and the app has been helpful to research such info as concert tickets, the best low-cal soft drinks and addresses to stores and businesses.  If you need someone to take care of the small stuff, visit www.getdelegate.com.
  • Co-founder Ohad Elhelo  allowed us to try Delegate! Courtesy The Pontes Group


    Credit: Delegate