G.I. Jane Stuns In ‘Shaft’

Actress/model DominiQue “G.I. Jane” Williams is a new face to watch who made her major film debut in the Samuel L. Jackson action film Shaft. She took time out from acting roles and photo shoots to get some one-on-one time in with Right On! Digital where she candidly shares her tips on breaking through the challenges associated with the competitive acting job market and her future endeavors.




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RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  Jumping right in, we learned that  at one point you studied in journalism in college.  Just like me!  What made you get interested in that major?

G.I. JANE: I had a strong writing background.  I had gone to a performing arts school because I wanted to get into acting.  But in fifth grade I did a project where I  had to do creative writing and I ran out of pages in that notebook because I had so many details. I wanted to tell my story.  (LOL)  I also wrote poetry in seventh grade so since writing is journalism I decided I wanted to be a journalist.

Q: But you wound up  changing majors due to the decline of opportunities in the media industry.  What did you switch over to?

A: Since the journalism field was changing I went into public relations.

Q:  We want to congratulate you on your role as the beautiful woman  in the new Shaft film. You submitted an audition tape. We always hear about people submitting a tape but nothing really comes of it.  Did you think you had a chance?

A: I didn’t know if I had it in the bag since this was my first time doing anything like that. I didn’t know how that was going to play out. I was hopeful, though. And it wound up being meant for me.


Q; Have you booked any jobs since?

A: Yes, I have booked three different jobs.  I have something coming up on Netflix and I’m a big watcher of Netflix.


Q: Since you have decided to move forward with an acting career, where do you live?

A: I’m in Atlanta but I have had to go to LA sometimes.   But Atlanta is the place for me.

Q: You started out in the military.  If you had to do it all over, would you have chosen that option?

A; I do’t know if I would have but it molded me into the person I am. Boot camp is not a walk in the park, though. The military gives you discipline.


Q; When did you start using the nickname G.I. Jane?

A: I got that name when I was in boot camp. I would write to my best friend and tell her about my experiences and what I was going through.  I liked the movie “G.I. Jane” and  would laugh and joke and say I was like G.I. Jane.  I started signing my name G.I. Jane, and it stuck.

Q: As a result of having been in the military what’s your exercise routine?

A: I try to stay active and I do like to hike. But I’m not someone who’s going to do 45 pull ups and 65 sit ups. But I am concerned about what I put into my body.  I drink water and I eat clean. I’m not a fast food eater, I’m not a big consumer of  alcohol and I stay away from a lot of bread. I have to get sleep. I learned that the hard way as I am one of those go, go, go girls who’s here, there and everywhere.

Q: Are you someone who loves to look glamorous 24/7?

A: I’m like a tomboy.  When I was in college I would wear sweats or athletic shorts, that’s me, everyday.

Q: What about for parties and events?

A: Then I have to transform into DominiQUE. I’ll get classy and wear something like a form-fitting dress with heels. When it’s time to do that people say, “You clean up very well.”


Q: You look gorgeous in your photos. Are you really into hair and makeup?

A: Hair, I love. I love to get my hair done. Makeup not so much.  Did you know that an application of makeup takes a week off your life? People don’t know that.  It makes you look older. I wear it only when I have to.  Some people wear a lot of makeup and I don’t know how they do it.  That’s why I’m develop my own cosmetics line, products that will help you.

Q: What are your Interests outside of work?

A: I love to travel.  I want to be someone who can continue travel the world, take photos and encourage people to travel.  My favorite places are  Colombia,  Puerto Rico and Mexico.  I want to go to Thailand and Egypt, too.

Q: What’s next for you?

A: Stay tuned for my future acting endeavors and my cosmetics line.




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