Beauty Boss! Blac Chyna Encourages Fans To Preserve The Glow

Blac Chyna takes time out to talk beauty and relationships with Right On! Digital’s Cynthia Horner and  she fills us in on being a beauty boss.

Q:  How did you get involved with Lashed and, by the way, what are your thoughts about lashes? Do you wear lashes daily as well as night?  What type work the best for your face, any favorites?
A: Lashed was a concept that I came up with to fulfill my love for all things beauty. Lashed is not only a cosmetic and skin care line, but it’s a full-glam spa catered to enhancing the beauty in every woman. Products used inside of the Lashed Salon are Lashed Cosmetics. I definitely wear lashes daily. Some of my favorites are the Dream and Blac Chyna lashes from Lashed.

Credit: Lashed


Q:  Have you always been the type of person who wanted to draw attention to your eyes like even in high school?
A: I’ve always been into all things beauty. Not just my eyes. I love channeling different looks. My eyes are one of my favorite assets to dress up, however.
Q:  At what stage in your life did you really get interested in your personal appearance and start wearing makeup?  Elementary school, junior high school or high school?
A:  I definitely would like to say high school. When I began to see a change in my face and body. I was always into clothes and glam, especially being from DC.

Credit: Lashed

Q: You are a brand ambassador.  What are some of your duties and responsibilities?
A: As a brand ambassador my duties include promoting brands by incorporating them into my lifestyle. It’s very important to me to point out that I only promote brands that I am comfortable with. Think of me as like the “Face Of” model. When people see me endorsing something they feel more comfortable spending their dollars and supporting it. I LOVE IT!
Q:   Can you provide some summer beauty tips to our readers? Any trends that you’ve spotted as well as advice for making this a beautiful-ful summer?
A. Beauty tips are different for everyone. My biggest piece of advice is to know that beauty starts within. Love yourself, have a “washed” face and know that anything other than that is simply an enhancement. A beauty tip that I have been seeing a lot of lately is having natural and bare skin. I think it’s perfect for the summer. Preserve your glow!
Q:  Is it difficult being in the public eye so much or have you gotten used to it over the years?
A: At times it can be difficult. However, putting things into perspective, I have been blessed with a position to inspire young girls and women. If my journey and story can do that then I really have nothing to complain about, right? It’s above me now! I have Princess Dream and King (her children) to live for.
Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about you that you’d like to clear up?
A: I’m not sure but what people who know me can tell you,  but I am very particular and organized. (LOL). I write everything down and love being prompt with things.

Credit: Lashed

Q:  You have flawless skin.  How do you take care of it?
A: Lashed Cosmetics, of course. (LOL). But no, seriously, it’s a mixture of my skin care line, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. Oh, and using clean make-up brushes. That’s a must.
Q:  What is your workout routine and what foods do you eat to stay in shape?
A: Hmmm. Being a mommy is definitely a work out, but I do normal stuff like going to the gym. I also have a basketball court at home that I frequent. (LOL). Other than that, it’s eating healthy, walking and staying active.
Q:  Are there any other projects that you are working on that you can talk about?
A:  Yes! I have “The Real Blac Chyna” coming out this summer. It’s a docu-series which I’m executive-producing with the Zeus Network. I’m excited about that. It gives my fans a glimpse inside my life as a mom, daughter, business owner and more. I’m also working on some  other business ventures including relaunching Lashed and a possible expansion. There are also some television appearances in the near future. You guys just have to stay tuned.
Q:  What is the best social media handle to use if someone wants to contact you?
A:  I’m on Instagram @BlacChyna.