Game On! Eddie Roberts Weighs In On The Popularity Of Video Games

Did you know that according to a recent study,  over 211  million people play video games? To discuss this industry, Right On! Digital weighed in on the topic with Brand  Ambassador/GAEMS Marketing Manager Eddie Roberts. Roberts is their dedicated gamer, marketer, athlete who is on a quest to bring fans the latest in GAEMS technology.



Q: Tell us about the product you ae launching in July.

A: We have a serious product called The Guardian-Pro XP  (the premier Portable Gaming  Environment  for pro gamers, serious gamers and content creators delivering the ultimate in performance and portability for console and PC). It’s for the hardcore fans and gamers who want that  high performance.

Q: A lot of people have chairs  that they use for gaming purposes and there are other accessories gamers have to make playing video games easier and a lot more fun. Did you ever think that the video game industry would diversify and have all of these other products?

A: Oh, yeah, for sure. We work well with products like PlayStation and we are able to work with other developers and retailers with our products, too.




Q:  What celebrities like to use your products?  Can you name a few?

A: Absolutely! Snoop Dogg, Drake, Warren G, Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube are rappers  who use our products.  And athletes like LeBron James bought a whole bunch of stuff for his teammates. A lot of NBA players like our products and there are sports agents  that will gift our products to players so that they will stay in their hotel rooms and play the games  and get some rest and chill out rather than be out partying.  So a lot of agencies get them.  And the NFL and Major Baseball League players like them, too. And we have a lot of people who are in the military who buy the products to take with them  when they are deployed.  Some of them take a PlayStation or X-Box with them. We make a hard shell case that can carry them in. It makes it easy to transport.  It’s like a laptop. A case like that would cost around $300 on up.


Q: Would you say that the industry is growing?

A: Yes, you can see that just by the number of  celebrities who like to post photos of themselves playing games  on social media. And  some celebrities  like to go to the hospitals and play  games with the children.


Q: Any parting words?

A:  The launch of the Guardian is a big thing for our company  and we do different events. We just did an event with Snoop Dogg. He’s so cool.  And The Guardian is a tool for streamers and #GAEMSfamily approved.

Visit them on social media @GAEMSpge