Phenomenal Woman: Security Expert Eddie Reynolds

This phenomenal woman puts safety first! Driven by a fascination for cutting-edge technology and a passion for providing exceptional customer service, Edwina “Eddie” Reynolds has spent over 25 years as a leading figure in the video security industry. As the founder and CEO of multiple established CCTV lighting companies, Reynolds is at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions to the surveillance market.

Without light, there is no clear, effective video. Motivated by this, Reynolds founded iluminar Inc. in 2009. Over the years, iluminar has become a leading manufacturer and global supplier of infrared and white light illuminators as well as license plate recognition products. iluminar’s lighting solutions are known for their high-efficiency LEDs, low power consumption, Power over Ethernet input capability, and angle flexibility.

In an exclusive interview with Right On! Digital, Reynolds discusses the need for people, particularly women, to be mindful of their surroundings and the effect social media can have on safety.



Q: What helpful tips do you have for people of all ages that can prevent robberies and home invasions?

A:  My advice is for you to not let people know what you have (material possessions). Also, don’t  let everyone into your home or into your personal business.  Don’t let people know where things are (valuables, etc.). You always have to be aware of your surroundings which means don’t talk and text on a cell phone while walking in a dark alley, for example. You can’t trust everybody; not everybody is your friend. For people who are in a high-end situation, don’t assume you can trust the gardener or cleaning people, for example. They may have a cousin that can come in and rob you.  There are some security systems that have a special code that you can give certain people so if something happens, you know who has the code. Also, these shows like “CSI”  have  storylines that are interesting to people but they are not necessarily true to life. So if you have a security system you have to be realistic about what security system can do.

Q: On social media, people like to talk about vacation.  I actually had a friend who posted that she was going to be on vacation and someone actually broke into her home while she was away. Can you discuss  how social media has affected privacy and created security risks?

A:  Don’t let everyone know that you are away.  Post after you have returned. You can say something like, “I had a good time. Here are some photos from the vacation I took last week.”

Q:  Celebrities are oftentimes the victims of crimes like home invasions. If you watch TMZ, you’ll see that crime is on the rise. What attributes to this problem?

A: A lot of times, it’s their entourages.  They may not really know these people.  Lots of times when crimes are investigated you find out it was an inside job. It’s rare that it’s a complete stranger.  One of the things that you can get for your home security is a night light that lights up your whole area. so that’s a deterrent.  People like to do things in the dark; they don’t necessarily don’t want to do it in a well-lit area.  Also, don’t show off all your jewelry and money in photos. If you have parties, know who your guests are.  Also some people sit in their car and text or email and they get invaded In the car.  If you are in the car, drive off; don’t just sit their texting.

Q:  What are some of the other  safety tips that you can offer people?

A:  A lot of people get out of the car and if the garage door is up, they have their car doors open and people may be scoping out what’s in their garage.  They know that people are  careless and lackadaisical. You have to be diligent.  And if visibility is limited, don’t go to that area.  If something doesn’t look right, don’t go to that area. Use your common sense.   I know we don’t like to talk about it, but make sure you learn some type of self-defense. When it comes down to it, it’s going to be you against them.  And when you’re at home and (someone enters) how are you going to combat that? The person who enters is desperate so you have to protect yourself.  There are many ways to protect yourself.

Q:  And you can’t always depend on just calling 911.  Remember that song recorded by Public Enemy?

A:  Yes, sometimes 911 is a joke. You can’t count on anyone but yourself.