Indica Breaks Down The Thought Process Behind RETROMODERN




RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: How do you feel about the release of the EP, Retromodern, which just came out on Tommy Boy Records?

INDICA: So, far I feel that the EP has been well received from the people who have heard it and I believe it will continue to grow as the year goes.  I’ve received some great feedback so far from fans and industry professionals.The process of making the EP was fun, so I am hoping that excitement would is reflected in each of the tracks and the overall all EP!

Q:  You have a lot of fans, particularly those who like to dance. Can you describe the feeling behind the EP?

A: The project as a whole is titled RETROMODERN, the album has a futuristic 80’s concept and combines retro instrumentals with modern melodies and flows. This project has electronic, R&B, acoustic, hip-hop and dance elements weaved in throughout it.  I think there is something for everyone on this EP.

Q: You opened for August Alsina. How was that show?

A: While it wasn’t my first time performing at the House of Blues, this experience was by far, really cool!  I had fun performing front of some of his fans. Even though they didn’t know who I was — they still seemed to enjoy and reacted positively to the music and to my performance.  It was also cool for to me to be among other artist like Rotimi, performing.


Q: Who produced your EP?

A: Andrew Luce produced the entire new album RETROMODERN. We connected online and then started working together in the studio a short while later. He and I like to experiment and try various sounds and flows that are out of the box and often time out of each of our comfort zones, RETROMODERN is definitely a reflection of that, particularly for me.  He’s a bit laid back and chilled like me, but highly creative and fun to work with.  We’re back in the lab (studio) and have a lot of unreleased music that we are working on right now.  Soon to be released!

Q: What first sparked your interest in working with dance music and who are some of your past and current musical  influences?

A: Daft Punk, Tame Impala and Rick James inspired the groovy dance elements in my new EP.  Follow me @theindica.