(Video) Von’s “Who Is He” feat. Lamont Holt

Up and coming Louisiana rapper Von just  dropped the brand new video for his track “Who Is He.” The single is out on all digital platforms and features skateboarder and artist Lamont Holt. The track is produced by Rhythm D, best known for his collaborations with N.W.A founding member Eazy-E. Von’s sound meshes his southern upbringing with the laid back vibe of Cali hip hop for a fresh, unique take on the genre, blending the old and the new, OG west coast sounds with Trap Hop.

Rhythm D talks about bringing his experience to compliment young Von’s style. “Trap Hop is a genre that I’ve been incorporating in my production since 2009. It is as creative as you can get when it comes to sound design and music manipulation frequencies. Since the early days of Trip Hop with artists like Portishead, who introduced a more intelligent vibe to the hip hop art form, fusing detuned organs and samples with Boom Bap drums and dark horns, it is a sound that makes the beat behind the rappers or singers more EMO with an EDM feel. There is a lot of fusion in Von’s music that will be heard with production from myself and Midwest Bangaz, who are the team Sativa Beats and Foolish.”

Von  discusses with Right On! Digital on his relationship with Lamont Holt and Rhythm D. He says, “This track had club banger written all over it. This song was actually a surprise, because you never know what you’re going to get when you rolling with The Genie (Rhythm D). Lamont already had his part of the hook and verse before I even knew it was my song. What’s crazy is, while he was recording, I was still writing to the track anyway while the idea was fresh. Then I was told Lamont Holt was my feature. What I had fit so perfectly with what Lamont had – it’s like we complimented each other on the record so well, you’ll think we were shoulder to shoulder writing the lyrics.”