Malinda Williams Gets Engaged!

Actress Malinda Williams (Soul Food, Daddy’s Little Girls, Idlewild, First Sunday and now the documentary Anatomy Of A Queen) recently shared the news  that she is marrying Tariq M. Walker. The announcement of the engagement took place on March 20, 2019, on National Proposal Day. (Williams serves as one of the   ambassadors.)

Williams states, “I didn’t just say yes; we both said yes, and we couldn’t be more happy about spending our lives together. To be honest, from the moment we realized we were made for each other, we also recognized the impact we had on one another’s desire to be better individuals, and to inspire the best in each other. That is where ‘we said yes’ came in. We said ‘yes’ to encouraging each other to reach higher and deeper for greater.”

The newly engaged couple share details in a behind-the-scenes video and a featured post that they wrote on ThisIsLeaving.com, a travel website geared towards couples who love to explore.