Black History Month Spotlight: George Tillman Jr.

CREDIT: TWITTER/George Tillman Jr.

One of the most important directors/producers in the industry is George Tillman Jr., whose work runs the gamut from Notorious,  Soul Food, Barbershop  to The Hate U Give.  This last film is based on the novel that connected with a youth audience.  Tillman, who received the manuscript for The Hate U Give early on,  and felt that he knew he was onto something when he received it.

According to reports he said,  “I read the first chapter and was pulled in right away. I felt that the themes around the African American family dynamic, self-identity and being Black were particularly strong and not something explored a lot in film. This is especially true when it explores the idea of ‘Am I Black enough?’ I thought it was an opportunity to explore a fresh take on these issues from a young person’s perspective. I wanted to be one to bring this story to life, and felt that my entire career was leading to this point where I can make this movie authentically.

“I wanted to make a film that feels modern for a young audience, but, also for a universal audience that creates a dialogue about important issues about race, social justice, and identity in order to move towards peace and change,” explains Tillman.