Black History Month Spotlight: Deloris Jordan

Deloris Jordan is the mother of five children. Most know of her son Michael, six time NBA champion, but I’ll stop there because this is about his mom’s. She made it abundantly clear that all five received equal love for their parents. Mrs. Jordan was recently honored during NBA All-Star Weekend at the Brunch of Mom’s which was held at Ruth Chris Steakhouse Uptown. It felt like church as Mrs. Jordan shared her wisdom with other mom’s who’s sons are in the NBA. She spoke about going into the under served neighborhoods in Chicago on behalf of the James Jordan Foundation, which came into existence after the murder of her husband. She spoke of the trials and tribulations that the mother’s of professional athlete’s face.

At the brunch she spoke about purpose: “Know your purpose. Understand your purpose. No one can give you your purpose. The foundation of which, starts at home.” Mrs. Jordan carries herself in such a majestic manor, that you have the sense that you’re in the presence of royalty. She’s big on family values and that was evident by the amount of family members who came to the brunch. Now it’s easier to understand how Michael climbed to such great heights. A rock solid foundation was set in place and the Matriarch of that foundation is named Deloris Jordan.