Good Music: Salaam Remi’s “Find My Love”

Critically acclaimed Salaam Remi just released the romantic song, “Find My Love,” which features Remi
and Nas, along with vocals from the late Amy Winehouse.
Nas raps, “I’ve got money on my mind, but I just can’t ‘Find My Love’ on the track which is the first single from Remi’s  “Do it For Culture 2” collection.
 Remi comments on the collaboration, “Working with friends is the best part of being a creator.  Nas and Amy have been two of my closest creative partners over the years.”
“Do It For Culture 2” is being released on Remi’s label, Louder Than Life. The label’s mission is to   find emerging talent and also partners with forward thinking brands and relying on the street and people to help find different forms of talent. “I have a sweet spot for singer-songwriters and for people who make music that is outside of the norm,” says Remi, “I will continue to provide that option for artists out there so people don’t feel as if they are required to fit the mold of today’s pop trends. I look forward to giving more artists a shot at doing what they do best not just for myself, but for the culture.”

In addition to having worked with Nas and Amy Winehouse, Remi is known for his contributions to projects for such global stars as  Fergie, Estelle, Miguel, Alicia Keys and The Fugees.