Black History Month Spotlight: Dr. Shango Blake

Nationally known as the Hip Hop Principal, Dr. Shango A. Blake-CEO of TRU SK Consultants, LLC., is a sought after speaker about issues in urban education. This true renaissance educator has been involved with   pioneering unique collaborations with students, teachers, parents and the community toward creating and sustaining a vibrant academic atmosphere.

In September, an historic gathering took place on the campus of Borough Manhattan Community College (BMCC). Hundreds of  Black Teachers, Guidance Counselors, Principals, and Superintendents turned out in force to network with each other and to discuss the plight of Black children. The event titled, A Gathering of Black Educators, was part of a networking event for Black educators primarily from New York City. The program consisted of powerful speeches that were centered around the social, emotional and academic challenges of Black children.  Dr. Blake  (aka Dr. Blizzy) set the tone for the program by reminding the audience of the pivotal historic role Black educators have played in educating black children.


As a Principal, Dr. Blake saw a profound need to institute drastic and creative changes to improve his school’s failing health. Dr. Blake initiated a bold and daring self-created project to integrate a conceptualized Hip-Hop based educational program. This program led to the creation of a new curriculum model that included teacher development, parent involvement, and school/community collaboration. His school went from one of the lowest-performing schools in the district to number one in reading and math.

Dr. Blake’s core belief and value is that the best and brightest of America’s students can be found in our inner cities. However, they often have to overcome social barriers that students in more affluent communities do not. This is why his work is grounded in supporting urban school districts leaders and school principals.