#Wig Out! Cliff Vmir Takes His Hair Empire To The Next Level

Have you been tuning in to “Wig Out?” The eight-episode series follows Cliff and his crew in Atlanta, the “Hair Capital,” as he’s hungrier than ever to continue to take his “Hair Empire” to the next level. From re-launching his famous “hair tours,” to opening a brick and mortar home base for Cliff in Atlanta to expanding his brand, Cliff has gained a new perspective and is feeling the pressure to make some needed changes in his life. All the while, Cliff is secretly planning his entrance into the rap game and all is at stake. As Cliff  struggles with personal issues along the way, he also realizes he’s made some amazing connections that will help him rise to the top of hair and rap royalty, but how easy will it be for him to break in? Tammy Rivera, Marlo Hampton, Lil Mo, Shekinah and others have been making  cameo appearance during the series.

But who is Cliff Vmir? From practicing on Barbie dolls to owning a highly lucrative business, 21-year-old prodigy celebrity hairstylist, Cliff Vmir, is already well on his way to the hair hall of fame. After launching his hair empire at the age of 16, this young hair mogul went on to achieve great success in the world of beauty, and now, the youngest in charge, is coming for the number one spot in hip hop.

Vmir, of Atlanta, whose clients include: Cardi B., Joseline Hernandez, Trina, Spice Official, Lil’ Mo, Marlo Hampton, and more, remembers having a love of hair styling from the age of two. When he was 14, after coming home from school, he practiced his hair techniques on his little sister and others in his family. The budding entrepreneur entered cosmetology school and learned the basics of relaxers and colors with his mother’s blessing.

And the rest is history. At age 19, he made his first million, and once, he made $23,000 from a two-day hair sale. And now? Vmir owns a best-selling product line that smooths edges, and a luxury virgin hair line, Hym Hair. And his brand has grown to include eight products, including various textures of Brazilian hair, frontals and closures. Music is next on his list, and reality TV. #WigOut