Songwriter In The Spotlight: Chase Bell

Musician and singer Chase Bell has been immersed in music since a very young age! His mother was a jazz singer and performed regularly around NYC so Jazz and Blues provided the foundation for his musical approach. At age 19, Chase left the US and lived in London and Rome, and performed and recorded his original music which by then, had evolved into a more Pop/Rock sound.

Chase has since cemented himself in LA where he is a critically acclaimed pop songwriter/composer who produces, performs, and writes his own unique mix of cinematic pop and funk pop. Chase performs his original music regularly in LA with his funk trio and excites audience, while playing guitar solos behind his head. Chase has his own professional music recording studio in the artistic heart of LA where he records and refines his own pop music and the music of other artists and the music he composes for commercials and films, including “Lucifer” (FOX), various Lifetime movies, award-winning commercials, and PSAs while frequently collaborating with his sister, actress Emma Bell (“The Walking Dead”  and “Dallas”).

And after revealing that it “Feels Good to Be Bad,” Chase confesses that the “Devil Made Me Do It,” the name of his current single.



Chase sat down with Right On! Digital to discuss various topics, and his journey is an inspiration to all.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  You knew what you wanted to do at a very early age.  So did I, however, many people are unsure about their goals and dreams.  What advice would you give them?

CHASE BELL:  I know that not knowing can be scary but it’s better knowing that it’s not the right thing than    to spend years trying to become a doctor or something and then realizing that’s not what you want to do. If I were trying to talk to a younger version of me which is a guitar player,  I would say that you should learn how to fit in somewhere in the business.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  How did you first get involved in music?

CHASE BELL: My sister had gone to NY when she was 14 and  I was 11.  I would visit her and that’s when I knew that music was going to be the thing for me.  But I really got involved when I was 20 because I  first had to figure out what part of the business that I wanted to be in.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What  was the big moment when you realized that you were supposed to be in this business?

CHASE BELL:  If you are going to look for the moment of validation you’re going to miss something because maybe that moment will come but maybe it won’t. I was trying to find the next break or  the next level,  but even if you don’t find that, you’re still supposed to be in it.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What do you say when new artists tell you they want to be the next Michael Jackson or someone else who is famous? I knew Michael Jackson and he was always aspired to be even greater than ever.  It’s not even possible for someone to be that big.


CHASE BELL: You’re right.  I produce artists, ages 18-23, and a lot of people are trying to emulate an artist that is the top of their game. I tell them that it’s great to be a star but you can’t be better at being Michael Jackson than Michael Jackson. You’re just going to be  a wanna be.  So you have to be yourself.  And it may take years to find out what that is.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: How do you decide whIch artists are worth working with?

CHASE BELL: I am open. I try to work with everyone as long as they are respectful of me, my studio and my ability.  I am not going to just say,  “I’m not going to work with you.”

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Do you have any favorite songs?

CHASE BELL: When I write a song, I’m so in love with it.  I try to give a song as much love and attention as it needs at the time that I’m writing it. I’m completely infatuated with it. Every song is a memory of who I was at that time.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What are your current plans?

CHASE BELL: I release a song and a remix every month and I perform at various places. LA is such a good place for music.  I love performing but there’s not enough time to do all the songs that I want to do.  Writing and producing is extremely time consuming.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Whose music do you enjoy?

CHASE BELL: Right now, Maroon 5 and Coldplay, I go back in time. For instance, six months ago I was listening to Bill Withers every day because he was such an amazing songwriter.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: He’s the best.