Jussie Smollett Attacked; NAACP President Responds!

“Empire” star Jussie Smollett is the latest  innocent victim of  a violent attack on the streets of Chicago, presumably because of  his sexual preference and ethnicity. Fortunately, the actor was able to get hospital treatment and will recover physically, even though  he will continue  to experience pain, anger and emotional trauma  from  having been involved in this horrific act.

The back story is that Smollett,  who left his Chicago dwelling at 2 am on January 29, 2019,  when “two guys started yelling racial and homophobic slurs,” a source told ET. He was attacked, repeatedly hit,  and although he tried to protect himself, he wound up being   doused with a substance believed to be bleach.”  Following this attack one of the guys  allegedly placed a noose around Smollett’s neck, before fleeing the scene.

As word of the incident hit the news it was revealed that Smollett had received a threatening note containing a homophobic slur. Police are investigating  the hate crime which is believed to have been instigated by MAGA supporters and a spokesperson for GLAAD said that they are offering assistance to the  popular actor.  Right On! has supported Smollett’s career ever since he was a young child whose family, the Smolletts, began their career as a television show business family.


Derrick Johnson, President of the NAACP, released the following statement on the racist, homophobic attack on ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett:


“The recent racist and homophobic attack on acclaimed actor and activist Jussie Smollett is troubling. The rise in hate crimes is directly linked to President Donald J. Trump’s racist and xenophobic rhetoric. It is dangerous for any society to allow a tone of divisiveness and hatred to dominate the political discourse. As this rhetoric continues to bleed into our everyday lives, dangerous behavior will continue to place many law abiding individuals at risk. We pray for a full physical and mental recovery for Jussie Smollett and many unnamed victims of this forum of hate based terrorism.”