Ayanis: Look At Her!

Look out for Ayanis. The beautiful singer, who has a record deal with  Prolific/Atlantic Records, recently stopped by our NYC location and had heads turning with every one of her sneakered feet.  The Texas born and Atlanta raised artist said she grew up singing in church choirs and even went the beauty pageant route before settling on a journalism/public relations major at Georgia State University.  We went one and one with Ayanis for a great interview about her beginnings, and of course, her video, “Wait A Minute,” which stars Mack Wilds.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: I had to ask this question:  How did you get interested in journalism?

AYANIS:  It seemed interesting to me. I didn’t know anything about it but it seemed interesting to me. My dad wanted me to go into nursing but I did not want to do that at all.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  Now you know how things work and you can write for us, too!


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: Now, a lot of fans are probably dying with envy that you had Mack Wilds in your video.  What was the experience like since he’s a well-known actor?

AYANIS:  It was a really good experience.  He was very professional and charming. As soon as I met him he said, “it is so nice to meet you” in this smooth voice. I said to myself, “keep your composure.”

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  What did you learn from him?

AYANIS:  After a couple of hours, I learned to just relax.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  That sounds  so cool.  It must have been amazing to have an actor on his level star with you in your video.

AYANIS:  Yes and I wanted to do a little bit of acting anyway.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  You appear to be into women’s empowerment, aren’t you?

AYANIS: Yes.  I want women to feel beautiful and confident. I don’t always feel my most confident but I make music so that I go and be those characters.



RIGHT ON!:  a lot of guys do not give women the respect that they deserve which makes things worse.

AYANIS:  Like they might just call you, “hey, you in the green shirt!” Not even call you by your name. Can’t you politely be a gentleman and SPEAK to me? (Laughs)

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL: What else are you doing?

AYANIS:  I am promoting my EP, Direction,  but I am already working on my next project. I want to have a lot of music out there so that I can tour.  Touring can make or break an artist.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:  You toured around to some of the Black colleges and universities.  Would you like to do other public speaking?

AYANIS:  I would love to do more public speaking to young girls.


RIGHT ON! DIGITAL:     Who are you into musically?

AYANIS: I like Janet Jackson and I like trap music by artists like  Future.

RIGHT ON! DIGITAL!: How would you describe your fashion style?

AYANIS:   I like to wear comfortable clothes, kind of like tomboy clothing but now I’m trying to look more girly.

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