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A go-to guide for last minute holiday selections priced for every budget.

Emerging Dubai streetwear and lifestyle brand, ‘amongst few’, partnered with the NBA for the amongst few x NBA ‘Home / Away’ collection. The birthplace of the brand, Dubai, initiates the muse for the story while the United Arab Emirates form the main inspiration. Honing in on the past and the present, the ‘Home / Away’ collection takes cues from the original aspect of basketball attire with a focus on modern day features to form a limited edition off-court seven-piece capsule that includes a full polyester tracksuit, durable shorts, a rip-stop waist bag, a variety of premium cotton tees and a classic cut mid-weight pullover hoodie finished with embroidered patches and old-fashioned screen prints. More info is available at www.amongstfew.com.

Child author Nicholas Buamah  debuted Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries: Election Day. The 7-year old wrote the book to help children expand their vocabulary through the experiences and adventures of characters Kayla and Kyle. Additional information about Nicholas and Kayla & Kyle The Walking Dictionaries can be found online at www.MotherHubbard.us.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama closed out the year by releasing one of the most popular books to hit the shelves. But for those who have been hearing about her sold-out book tours, there’s still time to purchase her memoir. Look for it at stores nationwide or at www.becomingmichelleobama.com.




Happy Kat Candles are fragrant Soy Candles that not only smell good, but in some cases, look good enough to eat.  In addition to making great holiday gifts, they are perfect for weddings, birthdays and other occasions. See for yourself at www.happykatcandles.com.

Make a statement!  The Made In Covfefe   political T-shirt collection was started by your average family who wanted to help make a difference. A portion of the proceeds from this tongue-in-cheek shirts with sayings like “Fake News” and “Repeal & Replace” go to marginalized groups that the current administration  ostracize. The Made In Covfefe collection is a hot line featuring hot topics! Visit www.madeincovfefe.com



Green Box Shop has developed an eCommerce store dedicated to celebrating people of color, individualism, intersectionality and underserved  communities. Visit www.greenboxshop.us for the full selection.



Take charge! The OWC USB-C Travel dock is the ideal gift for tech lovers of any age.  They come in four different colors connect with Apple products. Check out the product and others from the catalog at www.macsales.com.





Celebrity style! Related Garments are the must-have for A-listers. Superstar Justin Bieber was seen earlier this year rocking the Baja East x Related Garments collab socks and Lady Gaga was captured wearing the bralette and underwear, and recently, Mark Ballas and his wife BC Jean had on matching cheetah sets in their video “Waiting For You.”  You can find out more  by visiting www.relatedgarments.com.

The Black KKKlansman has had new life breathed into it as the Spike Lee joint can now be purchased for home viewing. It’s the true story about Ron Stallworth, an African-American police officer from Colorado Springs, CO who  successfully joined the KKK and becomes its leader!  Available on Amazon home video.