Randy Jackson Uses His Voice To Spread Oral Health Awareness

When Randy Jackson speaks, people listen.  As the iconic celebrity whose voice is known by millions of viewers of the American Idol franchise, his voice of reason has resonated with those seeking knowledge about music and the entertainment business.

But Jackson recently lent his voice to an important initiative which raises awareness about the relationship between oral health and its relationship to Diabetes, one of the most prevelant health conditions which affects so many, particularly those in the African-American community.

Jackson graciously gave Right On! Digital a few moments of his time to discuss his personal health condition and how the revelation of his condition affected his life.

“Right On! Digital, it is really an honor to speak to you.  I have teamed up with Colgate to spread awareness on the importance of oral health.  One of the reasons why I am able to speak to our community is the fact that I didn’t learn that I was diabetic until I went to the dentist for a check up.  The dentist encouraged me to visit my doctor’s office to get a check up as he didn’t like what he saw developing with my gums.

“When I did go to my doctor I learned that I had diabetes and at that point I had to take control of my life and start watching what I was eating and working out.”

Once Jackson, who has been on a 10-year journey living with type 2 diabetes, began to seriously take charge of his health, the pounds began to slip away.  Ironically, he has been working on controlling his diabetes the entire length of time that fans were seeing him on television as a musical judge on American Idol.

But as the general public has become more aware of Diabetes, Jackson became concerned that many people may be ignoring the warning signs of this health condition by dismissing the importance of oral health.  “People need to try to go to the dentist a couple of times a year and at that point they can discover whether or not they may be developing gum disease.”

Jackson willing teamed up with National Diabetes Awareness Month this past November and Colgate Total, which is the only FDA-approved toothpaste to reverse and prevent gingivitis.

For more information and ways to manage the everyday reality of living with diabetes, visit Diabetes.org/EverydayReality and for information on oral health go to OralHealthAndDiabetes.com.