Rossario George: Making Waves In Urban Fashion

Tony Vincente, CEO and President of Rossario George, developed a love for all thing’s couture at an early age thanks to his mother and sister. Tony dreamed of being a designer and showing his passion for design to the world.  In 2017, this dream was realized with the unveiling of the Seattle-based Lifestyle brand Rossario George.



Rossario George specializes in creating beautiful clothing, shoes, beauty and more for today’s woman. Although the brand has been in business for a short period of time, RG continues to gain the attention of the worldwide community. This includes being featured in several national and international publications such as Cliché Magazine, Gladys Magazine, British Vogue and British GQ.


In this article, we will highlight a few of his amazing works in the beauty and fashion sector. See them below!

If you take a look at these two images displaying some lip products from his cosmetic collection, you are instantly hit with great vibes! Not only are the colors super saturated and sultry, the models and the shots themselves are extremely alluring. The image with the red lip screams “bad girl” with a somehow sexy and devilish glare. The lovely model stares directly at you with a blank yet dangerous look. The image with the pink lip says “jazzy and cool” with a hip and confident face pose. The beautifully brown model stares at you as if she is ready to rock your world.


This image set to advertise the garment in the forefront demonstrates Tony’s eye for how geometry and cartoonism can play off of eachother to create a bomb statement piece!  The juxtaposition of bold red shapes with the muted black and white comic strips almost makes you wanna go become a street artist, walk a runway and crack open a Trig textbook at the same time. Talk about influential!





Lastly, we’re just gonna comment on how cool these shoe designs are! The black ankle booties are an edgy take on a classic. Every fall, we see that same design emerge with a plain black ankle bootie and it sells out every time because it can be worn so many ways. Now, you have the same concept with a tad bit of drama. The bold silver embellishments and visible zipper on the front of the shoe (as opposed to the typical back) is giving us real rock star,grunge-glam vibes. Somebody call Rihanna! The tall brown boots are an upscale take on a riding boot with the glazed over material, semi rugged reddish brown color and ankle buckles. However, the chunky heel and sleek style makes us think less “farm girl” and more “avant-garde equestrian.”


As you can see, Tony is more than talented with his works in fashion and beauty. We know we will see more of him in the future! In the meantime, check him out at his social media handles.