Chanice Lee: A Teen Activist Speaks

Chanice Lee’s book Young Revolutionary: A Teen’s Guide To Activism has sparked a worldwide youth revolution. The teen activist says she wrote her debut book to “give teens the confidence, tools, and resources needed to be successful activists, leaders, and change-makers.”

The book entails valuable information for any young person looking to get into activism, but isn’t sure of where to begin. With chapters such as “Know Your Rights”, “Educate Yourself on the Cause”, and “Put Your Passion Into Action”, Young Revolutionary is the perfect fit for any young person who is ready to get out into the world and make a change. The go-to teen activist guide is available on ChaniceLee.com, Amazon, and in select Barnes & Nobles locations across the country.

In addition to being an acclaimed author and activist, Miss Lee is also an innovative and passionate blogger and national speaker. At 14, she became the Creator & Editor-in-Chief of The Melanin Diary, which is the #1 online global platform for social justice, history, politics, and more, written from the perspective of Black teens worldwide.

From marches, schools, and conferences, to appearances on NBC, NPR, and more, the world is interested in hearing what the young trailblazer has to say. She has been coined as “one of the leaders this country so desperately needs,” according to The Root.