Nadji Jeter: The Spiderman’s In The Spotlight!

​As a young boy growing up in Atlanta, ​Nadji Jeter never lost sight of his dreams of one day being in the spotlight. Luckily, his undeniable talent was more than enough to take him there. Immediately following his first big  role as “Sam” in ​Naughty Dog’s​ number one award-winning game, ​The Last Of Us,  Jeter cemented his role as the voice of iconic character “Miles Morales” in the new  video game ​Marvel’s The Amazing Spider Man, and the new original Disney XD series: “​Marvel’s Spider Man,”
​ making him the first ever​ ​African-American Spider Man​ ever!

A hero in his community, 12 year-old Jeter has turned  heads for years,  as he was  a breakout star in ​”Grown Ups”  and “​Grown Ups 2,”  In the  role of “Andre McKenzie,”  Jeter played the son of Kurt McKenzie portrayed by ​Chris Rock​.
As a stand out alongside industry giants such as ​Adam Sandler, Kevin James, ​and ​David Spade​, Jeter’s noteworthy abilities landed him yet another stand out role in the 2017 ​Oscar Award Winning ​film, “​Wonder,” starring ​Julia Roberts ​and​ Owen Wilson. Recently, he has been filming  the independent drama​ “Miss Virginia,”
​ starring  ​Uzo Aduba​!