Raiche Slays!

Newest sensation, Raiche is quickly catching the ears of many with her breezy vocals and refreshingly unique singing style. With her confidence, consistency and overflow of positivity, the ambitious 22-year-old is undeniably on her way to becoming your next favorite artist. Growing up in Pittsfield, Massachusetts she was introduced to music at a young age through her mother who was a worship leader. At a young age she was starring in church and school plays before later going on to perform in local talent shows and showcasing her talents on YouTube. Her online buzz is what eventually led to her catching the eyes and ears of music heavyweights resulting in a deal with Atlantic Records. Her first single, “Money Pies,” is a testament to the short-lived surplus of money and the idea of “what if” it truly grew on trees. “The song does talk about money, but to the point of where it’s not everything,” she explains of the Cardiak-produced single. “People tend to worship money in their music, and it’s kind of annoying.” Her second single, “Lights Out” brings more of her vocal dimensions, yet still retains a feel-good vibe. “It says, ‘Yes I can sing, and I’m coming for you!’” she adds with a giggle,



When Raiche met up with me at a posh Mid-town NYC restaurant, we talked about so many subjects that we could have been there all day.  Passionate about her music and willing to pick up the torch and represent for all young singers. Raiche represents the new breed of artists who are comfortable in their own skin and confident in the innate ability to put it down in the studio or on stage.


Q:  You’ve had the opportunity to start attending parties and running into a lot of celebrities.  I know you attended one of the Video Music Awards parties.  Was there an artist there that you wanted to meet?

RAICHE: It would have to be Cardi B.  But at that party, she was surrounded by so many people…

Q:  That’s what happens when artists become famous, but one day, she’ll want to meet YOU! Anyway, tell us about your upbringing. Where are you based?

RAICHE:  I’m in Rhode Island.

Q:  What’s the music scene like? We always here about Massachusetts which is nearby.





RAICHE:  There isn’t much of a scene there.   But I was found on social media and my manager wanted to meet me.

Q:  Who were your early influences?

RAICHE:  i loved “You’ve Got  A Friend” by Carole King.

Q:  On the set experience?

RAICHE: i loved the clothing.  The stylist brought all of these clothes to my room.  I got to try on so many things with the fitting. That was the best part.

Q: My relatives have freckles.

RAICHE: I don’t mind them although there was a time where people would talk about them. (LOL)

Q:  You are so mature for your age.  Have you been told that before?

RAICHE: I’m considered to be an old soul.