Shine On! Eight Gorgeous Celebrities Share Skin Care Tips!

Some of the ways the top female stars get their soft “natural” glowing skin are so unique, but some celebrities use the simplest methods and they work! Check out some of the unique celebrity beauty secrets from stars like Torrei Hart, Deshauna Barber, Monique N. Robinson, Kristen Plati, Sabrina Bryan, Spice, Nefatari   and @MissFleurr.




My main secret is water.  I drink around 1.5 liters of water a day to ensure my body is hydrated.  I truly believe that it shows in my skin.  I also love Mary Kay skin care products!  I use their time-wise microdermabrasion set to get rid of my dark spots.  I also encourage people of color to ensure we are using sun screen.  The sun really impacts the dark spots on our faces and makes our dark marks appear significantly darker if we aren’t consistently using sunscreen.”

Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016


I have so many skincare tips and secrets. First let me just be flat-out honest and say filters are my biggest secret. I love a good filter. I even put filters on my food pictures!!!! Unfortunately they haven’t invented a filter for real life, so I got on Acutane. I had very bad acne and I still battle acne today. I was on Acutane for six months and it cleared my skin up. The only problem with Acutane is it dries out your body horribly and I refused to walk around with a dry you know what!!! So now I get facials regularly and I have a machine I use at my house twice a week called the Microderm Glo. It’s awesome and keeps my skin glowing. For my daily washes I use Neutrogena acne proofing gel cleanser, and the daily scrub. I use witch hazel as an astringent and Neutrogena hydro boost as a moisturizer. So far I still don’t have perfect skin but it’s looking great. And besides who wants to be perfect anyways? It’s too much pressure!”
Torrei Hart, Actress/Comedian



If I told you the secret to maintaining healthy skin is water, a good day and night routine, and a diet with more fruits and veggies would you believe me? For me, it’s been the golden ticket. Since I was a pre-teen, I’ve had a basic morning and night skincare routine. Although I’m ashamed to say this now, I started with a good old fashion body soap. Even though the products may have been entirely wrong, I’ve always known I needed to take care of my skin. I’ve always started my mornings and end my nights with washing my face and applying toner and moisturizer. Over the past few years, I’ve added eye cream because this is my life now, and a skin brightener that has helped with my hyperpigmentation. In the morning I apply a moisturizer that has an SPF 40 because I believe in protecting my skin from the sun and at night I use a mineral enriched cream to hydrate my skin overnight. But the real secret is the water. For about the last three years I’ve routinely consumed about a gallon of water a day, and it’s on the days when I don’t come close to my mark that I see what water does for my skin. It gives my skin this dewy glow that dims when I’m not up on the H2o. Water has become my personal fountain of youth, and my daily routine is the icing.”
Monique N. Robinson, Project Runway Season 16 Model


“I’m super fortunate that my skin is usually pretty clear and I only really get breakouts when it’s that time of the month. That said, I have psoriasis on my scalp and my face, and have very sensitive skin. Therefore, I use products that moisturize and cleanse my skin without being too strong or heavy. I am very meticulous about my daily routine – it’s fairly simple but all about being consistent. I swear by Fresh’s “Cosmetics Soy Face Cleanser,” and I use that every day in the shower. I exfoliate three times a week with First Aid Beauty’s “Facial Radiance Pads” and religiously use First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream when I wake up and before I go to sleep to moisturize and hydrate my face. I also remove my makeup every day with Neutrogena makeup wipes. This is especially important when I’m filming or on-stage!”
Kristen Plati –Cast member of Bravo’s “Your Husband is Cheating on Us”


 “I go to Piace by Dorina for Hydra Facials.  Dorina combines a Hydra with Live StemCell and they are amazing for my skin type! Once a week I put on a Dead Sea Mud Mask by Insta Natural.   It keeps my face feeling fresh and rejuvenated!”
Sabrina Bryan, Member of the group The Cheetah Girls


“Great clear skin can be hard sometimes but can definitely be achieved with discipline. Here are two of my skincare tips!
I can’t say enough about  drinking water, water, and more water.  As simple as it may seem water is a big game changer.  I try to drink as much water as possible to keep my skin hydrated.  It can get annoying, but I get a few sips in during every meal, in between meals, during work outs, or if I’m at the studio recording. My second tip is the use of makeup wipes. Makeup wipes are the best! When I get home late from a show or the club, I’m really tired but it’s super important to take the makeup off before you go to sleep.  Having a clean face can avoid breakouts or blackheads.  I use Neutrogena makeup wipes to take off make up, but you can use any brand at a beauty supply store.”
CoverGirl Model/Artist NEFATARI


 “My secret is drinking a lot of water while also using Aloe Vera.  It’s like a bible for the human body; it’s a plant that we call Sinkle Bible in Jamaica.”

Spice, Dancehall Diva/”Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star


“I recommend the following tips:
1. Exfoliating is a must. It really gets rid of dead skin and helps your skin maintain its smoothness.
2.Skin masks here and there are good quick skin care remedies.
3.Toners are good for complexion balance and  are good for prepping the skin for moisturizers.
4. Whether your skin is oily or dry, moisturizing is still a necessity, and especially a moisturizer with SPF in the summer. Alot of people overlook sunscreen, but sunscreen is something everyone should invest in, even people of color.
Some of my favorite skin care brands are Biore, Fresh Beauty, Noxzema, Your Good Skin, and ProActiv.
Your eating habits effect your skin as well. As I got older, I started drinking way more water. I do notice it makes a difference. Your skin looks more vibrant when you drink a good amount of water throughout the day.”
Social media beauty influencer @missfleurr