Hilarious! Crazy Rich Asians Is A Riot!

The buzz on “Crazy Rich Asians” has been crazy! The contemporary romantic comedy based on the acclaimed worldwide bestseller by Kevin Kwan is a game-changer and is undoubtedly going to be one of the year’s best-loved comedies.

The story follows New Yorker Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) as she accompanies her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding), to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. Excited about visiting Asia for the first time but nervous about meeting Nick’s family, Rachel is unprepared to learn that Nick has neglected to mention a few key details about his life. Not only is he the scion of one of the country’s wealthiest families, but also one of its most sought-after bachelors. Being on Nick’s arm puts a target on Rachel’s back, with jealous socialites and, worse, Nick’s own disapproving mother (Michelle Yeoh) taking aim.

It centers around typical themes where love can conquer all despite the objections of well-meaning relatives.  Right On! Digital took time out to talk to Wu and Golding who laughed and chuckled during the interview.

Q:  How excited are you about the film?

CONSTANCE: We have been  very excited.

Q:  How would you describe the project?

HENRY:  we can’t wait for people to see it.

Q.   Did anything interesting happen behind the scenes?

CONSTANCE:   We had a karaoke scene and we had birthdays and a lot of celebrations. We were like family during the shooting.

Q: Usually actors are too busy working to do any sightseeing. Since you shot the movie outside of the U.S., were you able to look around much?

CONSTANCE:  We did a lot of sightseeing.  It was fun.



HENRY:  I was born in the Philipines  and it was emotional for me to see my family.

Q: Yes, you told me that   it was your first time being back there in 21 years. What was that like?

HENRY:  It was nice and everyone was so proud.

Q: What was it that attracted you to the script?

HENRY : Money! (Laughs)  And the story and the characters.

CONSTANCE: I knew it would be groundbreaking and it is exciting for people.