You’ve got it! We got a chance to speak with Calynn M. Lawrence about her current business endeavors as well as some updates from her personal life. In case you don’t already know, she’s the 22-year-old girl who’s slaying the media P.R. field right now.

She’s got seven awards, she’s the founder of an artists driven nonprofit movement The Fresh Faces Project and she’s the executive producer of a new upcoming reality series Chicago Talent. She was also just published on Billionaires’ Diary as their youngest ever prospected billionaire to be interviewed on their platform. Cool right? We know. It’s now wonder why she’s known as “Supergirl” in the creative world.


Q; Let’s talk first about Chicago Talent. Tell us what to expect and how we can get involved.


A: Chicago Talent is an up and coming reality series that will showcase the lives of real Chicago talents and business owners. Things that you wouldn’t normally see on their social media or in their interviews will be shown in the show. I really wanted to give a diversified cast of amazing people the spotlight they deserve. It’s family friendly and you’ll be able to watch cast members of different colors, ages, professions and genders do their thing. And, if you would like to get involved, please just contact us through social media or shoot us an email at [email protected] since we are already casting for season two! The more the merrier.


Q: That sounds so cool! Are there any other things you are preparing for?

A: Thank you. I actually am preparing for Paris Fashion Week next month. I am beyond honored to have been invited this year as it is the most important and exclusive Fashion Week in the world. It truly speaks volumes for your career in fashion business to have been allowed to attend. Other than that, just the usual.


Q: Congrats on that! Does it get very tiring leading that lifestyle? You must work quite a bit. So, how does that affect your personal life?


A: Thank you. It does get to be exhausting sometimes, extremely exhausting if I’m being honest. Seven days a week is many times the schedule when you’re juggling several businesses and jobs. It actually got to the point where I had to take about a month “off” earlier this year right after the successful release of The Fresh Faces Project documentary because I had gotten really sick and beyond depleted mentally, emotionally and physically. But, I recharged and came back with a vengeance. Now, I try to at least regularly allow myself some time to chill.


Q: What does “chilling” look like for you?


A: Being laid up in the bed with a full belly, drinking some of my favorite drink that I put together watching marathons of shows like Law and Order, Veronica Mars or House MD, lol! Maybe go to the movies or the mall with my friends or my family.

Q: Speaking of your personal life, there has been a lot of outrage on your Snapchat over a post you made about your “man crush” a little over a week ago. We see some people aren’t too happy about that. What’s the tea? Who is he? And, why do you think people are so outraged?


A: Ha! There really isn’t much tea to spill. He’s just a cool guy who I posted for my man crush (lol). He’s very talented, driven, stand up type of man, and I appreciate that. But, it’s not like we’re tying the knot tomorrow, you feel me? I think the main reason people were upset is because they felt maybe a small tinge of jealousy because I rarely post things like that and they wished it was them. But, it really isn’t even a huge deal.


Q: Could he possibly be the “Joker” to your “Harley” as you say? Can we expect to seriously start seeing #bigfatharleynjokerwedding across social media instead of just jokingly on your snapchat? Maybe at least see him on your arm at one of the red carpet events you attend? You two would make quite a handsome pair. Given you look so different, you could be the new IT couple online.


A: Ummm..I don’t know. Maybe lol. Like I say he’s a cool guy and I see a lot of potential in him. I could possibly see all of those things occuring. I guess we’ve just got to see where it goes in the future. I mean it may never go anywhere but it could also go very far. But, thank you, I can agree we probably would look nice together.



Q: What is it about him that interests you? Obviously you must find him physically attractive but what really draws your eye about him as a person? It seems to be that many of the people who are upset envision you with a different type of guy. Do you care?


A: Yes, I do find him physically attractive lol. But, it’s many guys I know and have dated who “look like” him.. It’s simple things that draw my eye like seeing him go to work every day to make a living and provide, knowing he’s very family oriented and responsible, seeing him go to school to better himself every week, seeing him set goals and make things happen, the way that he speaks to me so personable and never sideways. And to me, that all impresses me way more than the man who people think is “worthy” of my attention. You don’t have to be a Shemar Moore look-a-like, 6 figure salary, PhD candidate, 800-pound-gorilla type of dude for me to feel you. And, do I care? No.


Q: Can you tell us his name?

A: Let’s call him….Jack Napier.


Q: One last question, what is your goal in life?

A: To be happy and know that I’ve fulfilled my purpose of helping as many people as I can live their dream.


Well, that’s all she had to say with us! Follow her on social media below.

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