Recently, Pop Da Brown Hornet dropped his newest music video for “Straighten It Out” produced by Fantom of the Beat and directed by The Last American B-Boy.┬áThe track can be found on the Stapleton area rapper’s upcoming EP and touches on a host of issues facing the minorities communities across the globe.

“The Brown Hornet name I got from the Fat Albert cartoon and it was their favorite super hero and cartoon character, so I took that and added Pop to the front cause Pop is how they know me in the neighborhood and in my family. This song touches on current events and the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the pill popping epidemic and the streets and gang violence. This song addresses everything going on in our communities that is affected by the music that major labels and radio are pushing,” Pop Da Brown Hornet said.

In the upbeat visual chock full of New York Summer vibes, Pop Da Brown Hornet spits bar after bar over a funky chopped up sample from Fantom of the Beat, shedding light on where Hip-Hop culture is taking the people that created it.

Pop Da Brown Hornet raps:
“No unity in the Black community / No one’s sober, the drugs done took over / addicts snatching purses over old lady shoulders / Little kids scared to come outside / bullets flying everywhere no place to run and hide.”

“I also talk about the industry and how its flooded with trap and how boom bap rap is being pushed to the side and I don’t think that it should be pushed to the wayside. I think we need to Straighten It Out and stick to our more natural Boom Bap Hip-Hop,” he added.

Pop da Brown Hornet and Fantom have a long history as both were raised in the Stapleton area of Staten Island and linked up on Pop’s project Underground Emporer that was largely produced by RNS.

Pop came up under a Wu-Tang affiliated group GP Wu who was previously signed to MCA Records. As a former member of the U.M.C.s, Fantom was surrounded by the work of famed Staten Island producers RNS and the RZA so the music worked when Pop and Fantom got together in the past and as they have reunited again for “Straighten It Out.”