Chance the Rapper joins the season finale of “Open Late with Peter Rosenberg,” where he talks about working on new music with Kanye West,
Childish Gambino, his relationship with Dave Chappelle and much more.

Chance The Rapper on New Music
Q: Do you have anything you can tell us about new Chance the Rapper music?
A: Yeah, sure. Not gonna play any of it right now. [laughs]
Q: OK. Fine. That would’ve taken us to the next level.
A: I only said that because I was thinking about it for a second. But, yeah, I’m in dry erase board mode. So, like, I’m organizing, and kind of trying to structure. But, you know, what’s cool, is like, Ye’s kind of got me in a mode of understanding like the, you know, just your ability to multi-task and work on different things. And he’s always on that. So, because of like his ability to work on multiple projects, like, I’ve been in an actively like working on the project with Childish [Gambino]; um, you know, I’m gonna do a seven-track with Ye.
Q: Oh, you are gonna do a seven track with Ye?
A: Yeah. Kanye’s my favorite rapper that I followed, you know, without knowing for a long time. And Donald Glover’s the first rapper that ever was like, ‘Come on tour with me, I like your s–‘ — that no one’s ever heard of, my 10-Day s–. ‘I want you to come out on the road with me.’ Those are dudes that, like, are like,’ I wanna do everything.” I wanna work on as many things as possible.

Chance the Rapper on 7-Track Album with Kanye
Q: Do you have any timeline for the seven-song Kanye album?
A: I’m supposed to be working on it in July. So, I don’t know.
Q: And what about Donald?
A: I’ll — I’ll tell you. We got six songs, that’re all fire. But I think the album’s gonna be more than, like, more than 14 songs. I think it’s gonna be, like, a full thing.

Chance the Rapper on Selling His Next Album
Q: Are you considering selling the next album?
A: I used to be. But now I’m kinda like, I wanna get on my mixtape s– just be, like, on some Mixtape Wayne s–. Cause, like, I got the best mixtape batting average — out of anybody.
Q: Facts.
A: So, I feel like I could just take off. Like, my Christmas albums were crazy. But that’s the issue, yo. In all honestly, like, I already juked the labels. Like, at the end of the day, like, I already got off off all of these songs off swaps and — I’m not gonna, like, go crazy on any labels right now. I wanna make music, and I want as many people to hear it as possible. But, like, you know, it’s just like, how do you do that, how do you function when everybody’s tied up to one of the three majors? I could just keep dropping s– on Soundcloud, but that’s kinda wack, yo.

Chance The Rapper On His Opinion of Dave ChappelleĀ 

Q: How would you describe your relationship with Dave Chappelle?
A: Maybe two years ago, maybe more, I went to a Dave Chappelle show here in Chicago. He invited me after the show to come kick it with him. I ended up talking to him for hours and hours. He, basically, after that, became my mentor, and became a person that I could and do call when I’m confused and like, just a very, like, important person in my life. Everybody grew up loving Dave Chappelle, but, like, my dad forced me to watch — didn’t force me, but put me on — his “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and he had, like, a lot of knowledge in there that, like, I held. Having that person in real life, in real time on call and, like to trust in me and to help me out with so many things was, like, a big thing in my life. I feel like it helps me with my, like, understanding everything, from my family to my business. Everything.