Recently, Right On! magazine attended an exclusive launch party for Jermaine Jackson, the lead singer of the Jackson brothers group. This popular entertainer soared to superstardom many years ago through the pages of Right On! as the first Black teenage sex symbol.

Jermaine, who spearheaded the creation of the Jacksons Series “Jelephant” Tourbillon Watch, flew to New York to introduce the watch collection which is a collaboration between JHH Entertainment Ltd. and Memorigin.

Meeting privately with Jermaine prior to the party was sheer pleasure for the magazine staff as Right On!’s publisher Cynthia Horner has had an extraordinary close relationship with Jermaine, his deceased brother Michael Jackson as well as the siblings and parents Joseph and Katherine Jackson. Although Jermaine and his girlfriend, gorgeous model Maday Velazquez quietly entered the room with little fuss or fanfare, hugs and smiles were exchanged all around before we sat for a brief chat.


Jaw-dropping timepieces!

“Congratulations on acquiring Right On! Magazine, Jermaine smiled at Cynthia Horner’s husband Kenneth Harris, aka KENTHEPHOTOGRAPHER. “I look forward to working with you. Cynthia, tell Maday (he gestures at his girlfriend) about what my life was back then. When we used to appear in the magazine every issue.

Without hesitation, I rattle off his impressive list of stats: the first African-American teenage sex symbol, a celebrity who appeared in thousands of magazines, an artist who sold millions of records, the former manager of the group Switch, which was just profiled on TV One’s Unsung series…the list goes on and on. Maday smiles as she listens to stories about the Jermaine Jackson who has been such a huge celebrity that his fans would have done anything to meet him.

Maday Velazquez, Jermaine Jackson, Cynthia Horner, Kenneth Harris and JHH Entertainment’s Diana Chan at the launch party held in the Ivy Lounge of the Hotel Gansevoort Park Ave NYC.

Leaning closer, as we sat on a sofa surrounded by lights and cameras, Jermaine confides that he’s proud of the watch collection which is a testament to the legacy of his famous family. “We always loved elephants, but I call this elephant a ‘Jelephant.’ And it is fitting that we named this Jelephant Tourbillion Watch in honor of the elephant. ‘Jelephant’ is strong and durable, and never forgets. It’s timeless with amazing memories.”

As Jacksons songs play in the background and guests wander into the room admiring the collection, Jermaine explains that he was inspired to create the watch collection as he listened to the numerous hit records that his family recorded in their illustrious 50-year career. As one of the eldest members of the Jacksons, he vows that the legacy of the famous family will continue to live on. Following meet and greets with the guests Jermaine, his girlfriend and staff immediately headed to the airport where they would board a plane to London to meet up with the Jackson brothers for another one of their sold-out concerts. His parting words to us were, “I’ll never forget Right On! Magazine.” It sounds like he’s taking a cue from Jelephant.

For more information about the Jelephant Tourbillon Watch Collection, visit
http://www.jermainejackson5.com or http://memorigin-us.com.