(BUY) Macy Gray and Big Freedia Unite for Pride Month Anthem ‘I AM’ with Paul Oakenfold Remix!

courtesy Gala Music


In an electric celebration of Pride Month, the Grammy-award-winning powerhouse Macy Gray teams up with bounce music legend Big Freedia to produce their audacious new single ‘I AM’. Capturing the sheer exhilaration of self-acceptance and individualism, this groundbreaking collaboration not only sings to the soul but also marches proudly alongside parade banners as an anthem of empowerment and the right to be oneself.

Macy Gray, celebrated for her unique voice that has tugged at the soul strings across numerous hits, crafts yet another memorable anthem with ‘I AM.’ The song, as described by Gray, is a movement—a clarion call professing the significance of self-truth and expression. Accompanying her, Big Freedia—a prominent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and a force in the new genre territories—metaphorically and literally amplifies the single’s presence with fierce celebration.

‘Field who you goddamn be!’ or something along those lines echoes Big Freedia, marking ‘I AM’ as the anthem for 2024’s Pride celebrations and beyond. Through this track, they aspire to impart a message of unapologetic authenticity, emphasizing the joy in living out loud and true, making each drawn out note count double for those striving to voice their identities.

Save the date for June 18!

The revel is not confined just to lyrics and beats. With exclusive undertones, the magnetic spell of ‘I AM’ will rebirth in a new avatar mixed by none other than DJ legend Paul Oakenfold, accessible only on Gala Music—a pioneer among Web3 music platforms. This not only sets a remarkable point in the careers of the artists involved but underscores the continuously evolving textures of the global music industry. Mark your calendars for June 18 and be prepared for the release of the ‘supercharged’ remix of ‘I AM’.

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Feel the Pulse of a Movement bruising forward! Learn more and add this unparalleled track set to your prized musical anthology this Pride month.