(WATCH) Rihanna Reveals How Her Sons Inspire Upcoming ‘R9’ Album and Launch of Fenty Hair!

Pop superstar Rihanna opens up in an exclusive interview with Access Hollywood about her bustling life as a mom and a mogul. Anticipations are high as she discusses the inspirations behind her potentially upcoming album ‘R9’ and the birth of her new venture, Fenty Hair.

While speaking on what led her to create Fenty Hair, Rihanna shared, “Well, my hair takes a beating. It has been taking a beating for as long as I remember being on camera. A lot of shoots. A lot of red carpets – and that means a lot of potential damage.” With her hands-on approach, she emphasized, “I turned down everything. ‘No, it’s not good enough.‘ I wanted to make sure that the team reflects various hair types so the products can be developed truthfully.”

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The busy mom didn’t stop at business insights. She excitedly reminisced about her son RZA’s second birthday saying the highlight was the ball pit, suggesting, “If you’ve never done it, please. You can be there for hours. They’re safe. It’s like one big baby proof pool.”

Discuss the smashing intersection of motherhood and music, Rihanna joked about her inspiration, stating, “They’ve inspired the fact that I haven’t gone to the studio as much.” Yet, it’s clear her sons play a core part in fueling her creativity for the new tracks on ‘R9.’

Rihanna also announced Fenty Hair will officially debut on June 13th, giving fans plenty to look forward. Loaded with zest and vivid personal energy, this interview is not just a delve into what’s to come but a spotlight on the artist’s vibrant life beyond the stage.